Scientists explained the reason for the strong cravings for sweets and flour

We are all faced with an unexpected craving for a specific product. Desire can arise, primarily, due to old habits or memories: for example, here is a cookie, which you saw on the counter, suddenly reminded signature pastries your grandmother. And cheese sold on the market, it smells like you again found himself on a small French farm, which was visited last year. And you unbearably want it all now to try. However, believe it or not, there are cases where an unbearable desire to eat just fries due to the lack of nutrients. How to find out which trace minerals lacking in the body, and what to replace fast food, to meet the requirements of the body, writes

  • Chocolate

Women often want chocolate during menstruation because cocoa contains a lot of magnesium: this is the trace element that is lost in large quantities with the blood. According to a study by the American chemical society, constantly wanting chocolate can also people under stress or depression: it increases the level of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine (the”feel good hormone”) oxytocin (“love hormone”), which is released during hugs, kisses and sex. And most importantly, due to the content of magnesium and theobromine sweetness reduces the level of cortisol – the “stress hormone”.

  • Cheese

Add grated cheese to almost all dishes and eat it for Breakfast, lunch and dinner? You may experience problems with memory and difficulties with concentration. A study conducted by American scientists has shown that people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to experience cravings for cheese than is healthy.

The cheese is a superfood because the processing of calcium, the body needs sufficient amounts of vitamin D: both substances immediately start interacting and this is why calcium is best absorbed from dairy product.

  • Candy

We are talking about the familiar phrase, “want something sweet”. We say to ourselves every time when the voltage level exceeds the limit: the deadline, the car broke down and no one to pick up from kindergarten. Here we are sitting at your Desk, consuming candy one after the other. But don’t blame yourself: sugar activates the center of your brain that indeed for some time helps you focus on what is happening.

  • Meat

The lust for meat may be the result of low quality of protein you consume, his absence (if you are a vegetarian), as well as a lack in the body of the main micronutrients contained in animal protein: zinc, iron, B12 and omega-3. Perhaps the body also does not have enough zinc, which is responsible for the health of skin, hair and nails. Not only red meat contains large amounts of this mineral, but also shellfish and cheese.

  • Cookies, pasta, bread, rice

The whole week you’ve been dreaming about the croissant and just could not find a place for himself: that it stands on the counter, fresh and firm. The thought of it never left you even for an hour: brain urgently demanded something carbohydrate. In fact, it is nothing like the thirst for sugar. Craving for simple carbohydrates can indicate hypoglycemia (fluctuation of sugar levels in the blood) and chromium deficiency, which leads to constant extreme fatigue and fatigue. To compensate for the deficiency of trace elements, eat bananas, apples, apricots, capsicum, spinach, beetroot, avocado, broccoli and carrots.

  • Chips and salty foods

First, your body is dehydrated. Often we take thirst for hunger, so a craving for salt, which helps to keep liquid, which may mean that you drink enough water or you lose its large amount (eg, vomiting, diarrhea or excessive sweating). Second, a craving for salt can be a sign of lack of electrolytes.


  • The lack of iron in the baby’s blood can lead to dangerous diseases

These minerals are necessary for normal functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves, as well as to maintain the desired moisture level of tissues. The lack of electrolytes can lead to spasms, cramps, and headaches. A healthy alternative to salty chips, nuts, seeds, legumes, dried fruits, avocados, green leafy vegetables.

  • Crackers, crackers, nuts, bread

I want something to eat? Nutritionists distinguish two reasons. First – you are under stress: crunch helps a bit to relieve the tension. Second – basically, you eat liquid food (smoothies, soups, yogurt), and your salivary glands and jaws, which is called “bored”. In a day or two they need stimulation – hence the desire for solid food.

  • Ice cream, yogurt

This may be due to heartburn or acid reflux: doctors say that foods with a creamy texture soothe irritated esophagus, which the body needs at the moment. Also craving for ice cream or yogurt can cause your love for over-the-counter painkillers. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may seem harmless, but can cause inflammation in the stomach, and the desire for something “gentle” is a sign from the body a bit to take it easy.