Interesting study: children with smartphones often infest lice

Children who already have their own smartphones and tablets at risk of catching lice more than others.

It found the specialists from the University of Oxford, examined the children in the John Radcliffe hospital. The results of the study were presented at the annual conference of the British Association of dermatologists in Liverpool.

During the month, parents who applied to the pediatric Department of the hospital, had to fill out special questionnaires. All were filled 92 of the questionnaire, they got data on 202 children. The result was that 45% of them over the past five years suffered from lice. Most of these were girls who had brothers or sisters 6-9 years. Smartphones were approximately half of the children. And two out of five liked to do a selfie.

As researchers found, among children without smartphones lice was 29.5 per cent. And among children with smartphones from the lice had been suffering from for 62.5 percent. Among the young lovers of self “zavshivlennosti” was 55%.

His discovery, the researchers explain the fact that one of the possible reasons lies in the fact that crowded the smartphone kids are too close to each other, and if the head of one of them is parasites, they are easy to move, and on the heads of healthy children.