The price of LPG in Ukraine broke the record

For the period from 18 to 21 August, the price of LPG in large networks in Kiev has grown on the average on 1,5 UAH/l to 14.99 UAH/liter. this was reported in the “Consulting group A-95”, referring to its price monitoring of the market.

Retail prices for liquefied gas has updated the record. The previous peak of 13.2 UAH/l was recorded in September 2016.

The main factor of price rise, analysts say a shortage of the resource.

“The import of LPG in August is expected to reach 90-100 thousand tons, while the minimum requirement for us is estimated at 120 thousand tons a Deficit of 20% – a key factor of concern to the market”, – says the analyst Artem Kuyun.

Recall that in order to save the Ukrainians continue to buy diesel carsat the same time Europe is actively moving to electric cars.