The main trends of the modern serving tables: vintage and eclectic

The beauty and comfort you can create almost any house and the room of the dormitory without repair, and battered kitchen Khrushchev. Right atmosphere set details: decor on the Windows, cosy cushions on the chairs or beautifully decorated table. Especially now that the fashion back in vintage — style, which involves a not perfectly new things, and matched with the soul items from my grandmother’s past, combined with modern elements or finishes.

Also, the trend is eclectic: combination of various styles, decors, and tableware. Thus, many food decorators offer as saucers to use an ordinary plank of wood or even saw cut. However, these delights are good for certain occasions, but in everyday life, accustomed to use a more practical dishes. But it is not necessary to combine the services or materials: glass beakers can be combined with a clay plate. About the features of the dining room, serving of season 2017 we told the designer-decorator Katherine Sanin and interior designer Irina Bulgarians from Kiev.


You want to surprise your guests with a fashionable table or enchant household beautiful table, you need to follow a few simple rules. So, in every serving needs to be the principle of uniformity. Selecting the eclecticism in the flow, follow it everywhere: miscellaneous plates, Cutlery, decor, runner. You can mix styles of the instrument, but not colors and materials. The color scheme should be uniform: blue with white, red with white, black with red, etc.

Don’t use a lot of different colors and shades — it will create chaos. As a white base perfect: for example, white plates for a main dish or a white runner and placemats. Try to choose compatible materials: ceramic with good glass, and metal with plastic.

Start plating the dishes for the main dish and they pick up all devices. So, duck into the ceramic roaster suggests a rough rough plates, which are suitable massive glasses.

A auxiliary tableware creates accents, lends “character” to the table. Do not hesitate decanters: they can pour juice or wine. The interesting shape of the bottle filled with water will add charm to summer and crock is perfect for an autumn feast. Wicker bread basket on the table or wooden Board with diced cheese — a detail that guests will remember.

  • PLATES: a variety of colors and shapes

Homogeneous sets with the same pattern in the past, in fashion today, full of variety. Plates can vary in color and shape from different sets. The main thing that they were big enough: the plates give way to plates the salad size. Try to observe the principle of parity: there should be two identical plates. Whether it is a few different pairs for the main course, or the same size but different colors for salads, desserts, etc. In the rude fashion colorful ceramics, or a simple glass of the last century.

  • TEXTILES: a runner instead of a tablecloth

Ironed, plain, hanging in beautiful folds of the tablecloth out of fashion. The table should be open, especially if he’s got a beautiful countertop. Place the tablecloth took the runners — long narrow strips of fabric that can be laid along the table and across the road to one of the runner enough for two seats at the table. Runners can be added to napkins, or you can put napkins coasters plates — woven of twigs, linen or delicate lace under each.

  • GLASSES: colored glass and the massiveness of

A thin crystal with long legs and graceful stemware leave in the closet — not even in sight. Today they were replaced by massive large fluted glasses or glasses made of thick colored glass. The role played by the shape of the glass — they should resemble medieval utensils for wine. Thick massive leg, or a simple form of glasses — the bigger, the better. These glasses suitable for wine, for juice or whiskey with ice. On the table they can be different colors, but always paired: two green, two blue, etc.

  • DECOR: candles, shells, cones and flowers

Decorations on the table are no less important than the dishes or the correct location of the objects. The decor can be seasonal: fall — pumpkins, pine cones, vegetables; in the spring — the first flowers. Or theme: a few shells laid out casually on the table will remind you of the sea, and a simple twine wrapped jars, put on the little tree saw cut, is about a weekend in the woods. Universal decor — different size and shaped candles or small bouquets of flowers. But artificial flowers or cheap colourful plastic fixtures to give up — it’s bad: if the casts of fruit and vegetables, only expensive.


Vintage cookware is best to buy at flea markets. Because the fashion maximum variety, enough to buy a couple of plates from different epochs and countries. However, you can find dishes and small souvenir shops while traveling, or in the small nondescript provincial shops. Lovers sovremennosti better to go in a China shops and boutiques decor. Usually, the collections in them are updated once in a season, and dishes from previous collections can be purchased at a discount of 50-70%. Interestingly, a year later it is likely to meet the same dishes, but which are sold as new: bought plates, the second time you come for them, and these are the marketers. Inexpensive cookware to buy via the Internet, from the residues.