Neo-Nazis from “Clan of the white wolf” has got under court

18 skinheads in age from 22 to 53 years appeared Monday before a court in the city of Amiens. For four days will discuss the activities of the “Clan of the white wolf”, which from 2012 to 2014 tried to establish their own order in the vicinity of the town Am (5 thousand inhabitants) on the border of the departments of Somme, Aisne and Oise. This place, known for many years as a nest of fascists, became a rear base Ayuba Serge (Serge Ayoub), prominent figures on the far right, who is also accused of involvement in attacks aggravated.

Lingering long investigation started in January 2013. As interrogation and detention, investigators have begun to emerge a clearer picture of attacks and robberies organized by the “Clan of the white wolf” in the region. Anyway, the starting point was the “showdown” of two neo-Nazi groups.

It happened December 8, 2012 at estrees-Mons (Somme) in the garage, Kevin P., member created by Serge Aubum group “Third way”. In theory, the evening was planned to consolidate the Alliance with another organization, the “Independent nationalists” that included Clement G. In fact, it was a trap. All because a few months earlier, someone from NN Ayuba called “Jew”.


In the garage with neo-Nazi flags and portraits of Hitler on the walls were about 30 people. Everyone drank and danced. Suddenly, the music stopped. Members of the “Third way” attacked “colleagues”. The leader of the attackers Jeremy Moray (Jérémy Mourain) took out a knife and stabbed in the stomach, Clement G., who was only saved by the jacket. Thereafter, he tried to downplay the scale of the incident, saying that you pulled a weapon to create a “psychological shock” and to reassure others. Kevin P. in turn was talking about tonight in the style of the 1980s. the Police were skeptical: “some of the participants were carrying weapons (brass knuckles, knife, chain) that was frankly poorly compatible with a similar atmosphere.”

Anyway, the investigation was just beginning, and the main defendants were released. 5 Jun 2013 a young activist and anti-fascist Clement Meric (Clément Méric) was killed in Paris by skinheads “Revolutionary nationalist youth” (associated with “Third way”). Both movements were banned by the authorities. Whatever it was, led pikarski office RNM Jeremy Moray did not want to quit and founded “the Clan of the white wolf”. Officially, the organization has nothing to do with politics and represents the club. But the motorcycle is only one of its 19 members.

Its true activity is much more aggressive. Inspired by the TV series “Sons of anarchy” organization differs militaristic mindset: rituals of entry (you need to cut a cross in the left hand), combat training, a clearly defined status… For Murena were sergeants, “street fighters”, thieves and recruits, who were treated as errand boys. As the slogan of the “wolves” took the famous phrase of Mussolini: “Believe, fight and obey.”

The massacres and punitive expeditions

In ideological terms pikarski clan is not far from nostalgic for the third Reich, hatred of immigrants, homosexuals, Gypsies. According to other defendants, the Eels began to consider himself “the head of the AMA” and wanted to become a “leader of Picardy”. Did not avoid it for this practical work. To get money for cocaine and amphetamine, he sent his “soldiers” on stolen across the region. Frequent raids on small shops and tobacconist, theft of gasoline from tanks.

In January 2013, even before its formation, the gang attacked the hookah in the AMA. According to one participant, this was done “because French institutions are closed, and the Maghreb remain.” They also talked about the massacres and punitive expeditions.

Anyway, the fall of the Nazis from Picardy is due primarily to their internal differences. If a clan member wanted to leave, this is immediately followed by a response. This happened in November 2013, Laurent L. and Sara M.: their house was raided by masked men who beat them and began to extort from them property. The investigation revealed that they were members of the “Clan of the white wolf”, which sent the Eels to collect a debt for drugs.

In conversation with the gendarmes, the wolves turned into lambs. For example, Christopher L. argues that the Eels made him “believe in the dream that turned nightmare”. In particular, he talked about threats to his girlfriend in case of withdrawal from the group. Another participant describes “hell” headed by a “psychopath”.

Special attention in the history of the band deserves next episode. All occurred in January 2014 on the road in the vicinity of Valencian. That evening about ten members of the clan were preparing for a punitive expedition.

The goal was Cedric F., who was a relative of the former member of the clan, forgetting to return the jacket with its logo. The attackers surrounded Cedric. As one of them, “we all stood in a circle and began to move. This was our sign, because the wolves are circling around the victim before the bite”. Muren first ordered his subordinates to beat up the young man, and then he set to work.

Former comrades say that he was like “obsessed”, and thrust his fingers into the victim’s eyes. Beaten Cedric F. eventually was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Later in a telephone conversation with a friend of Moray described the incident: “I have done a lot in life, but it was just awful (…). They pierced his throat. Probably the end of him”. The clan leader has been in custody since March 2015, and he faces the longest term. Just him and the other defendants will have to answer for 35 crimes.

As for Serzh Ayuba, he, as in the past, surely would deny any involvement in the rumble in the garage and minimize the impact on Jeremy Moray. He now lives near Soissons (Aisne) to several tens of kilometers from the region where rampant wolves. According to the anti-fascist site La Horde, he founded the motorcycle club “the Praetorian guard”, which really does popular among skinheads anti-Communist rock.