The world wide web for every taste: TOP most useful and interesting sites

As you know, the Internet was born 29 October 1969, when between the first two nodes of the network ARPANET, located at a distance of 640 km, conducted the session. And now, according to Netcraft, the web works 1 767 964 429 websites. “Today” chose from this Legion 13 unusual and very useful portals.

  • 14 billion years of history

The creators of the portal Histography managed to create a unique infographic that has a capacity of 14 billion years of history since the Big Bang until 2015. Through the website, you can clearly know when the first flowers have appeared on the planet (about 110 million years ago) and when I set off the first train (in 1804). Events in the schedule is divided into 13 groups by time periods: from birth of life on Earth before the information age. You can also filter information on 18 categories: for example, to keep track of important scientific discoveries or to count the number of wars and assassinations of heads of state.

  • To count cosmonauts in orbit:

If you really need to know how many people at the moment is in space, who they are, and also how much time they are there — you can’t call in NASA, and visit this website. Right now in space, the six astronauts — three Americans, two Russians and one Italian. Survivor space station now American Peggy Winston, it is in orbit for about 275 days, and Sergey Ryazanskiy of the Russian Federation and Paolo Nespoli from Italy arrived in the space of just 20 days ago.

  • The best outfit for Halloween:

This portal strange, but very important purpose — namely, to help to choose the most topical costume for Halloween. However, the site is designed more for people in the US, but the trends are quite useful and in other countries. On the portal there is a hazy map of America, where a shimmering points marked the most popular costumes in some cities. By choosing the city obtained the statistics: the place of outfit in rating the prevalence and popularity of 12 years. While the leaders of the outfit Harley Quinn, the charismatic heroine of the comics.

  • And not to sing us a song:

The resource will surely appeal to those who love collective creativity. This website has allowed about 70 thousand people from 147 countries of the world to write music together. At the moment, “song of songs” lasts 3 minutes 22 seconds, and its creation is completed. But now open the universal writing words to the melody. For this you need to listen to the song and choose the word from the list or write your own. After him there are enough votes, the system will adopt the word and move on to the next. In this process I have taken part 20 thousand people from around the world.

  • Surveillance at an altitude of 10 thousand meters:

But this site does have practical benefits. It allows anyone in real time to observe the location of aircraft in the air. Knowing your flight number, you can track any aircraft — most importantly, that the aircraft was equipped with a special device — the transponder. You can also look at the appearance are interested in aircraft (or helicopter), model number, altitude and speed at the moment and even look out the window from the cockpit or from a passenger seat.

  • Burn at work fun:

There is a vast global network and portal for the lazy people who don’t like to work. So, with the help geektyper can be extremely convincing mimic violent activity in the workplace. To use the resource easily: select the desired view from the window suggested, and then just press a button — any. Seeing the screen, for example, with running lines of code like in the movies about spies, even the most discerning employer will not dare to distract the “hacker” hitting thumbs!

  • The flags and everything, everything about their design:

This website certainly would be the favorite portal of Sheldon Cooper from “big Bang Theory”, because it contains a huge array of visual information on all flags of the world. Thus, according to the resource, 53% of all national flags created only five templates, and more often than other shapes in the design of the flags used by the rectangles. The most popular color of flags — red and blue, but the Burgundy color is only on the flag of Qatar.

  • Dose of cat purring:

The author of the portal, engineer Stefan Pidgin believes that cat’s purring helps people to beat stress. And since not everyone has the opportunity to start their own cat, he decided to give users a virtual purring. Depending on the preferences of the online cat can purr sleepily, playfully, calmly or happily, or even periodically to meow just like a real pet, only virtual.

  • The sounds of coffee shops and forests.

For those who in life lacked the atmosphere of a particular place, the network has created a unique online generator noise. The website contains a collection of sounds to suit every taste and ability to mix them. Want to nature? Please have the soothing sound of rain, forest birds chirping, the crackling fire and the rustle of fallen leaves. Like industrial noise? Not a problem — the range is and the clatter of train wheels, and the fan noise.

  • The plan of life to death:

Even an approximate knowledge about the remaining life time can help to stop aimlessly wasting your time and focus on the really important things. This can be useful like calendar — after registration it will show how many years and how many more to come (based on life expectancy in a particular country). In addition, the user can identify the various purposes to any date and see what made different celebrities in different age.

  • On the trail to Sawyer and Kafka:

To favorite book became even more real and more understandable, was created an amazing map of places of literary works. It is already selected about four thousand points, but if you want you can add an item where the events occurred of a book. Using the map you can walk in the footsteps of Tom Sawyer, visit the Queensboro bridge, from which the narrator of the history about the Great Gatsby admires the city, or to see where there is a library where Kafka has found his temporary shelter.

  • Hunt for lightning online:

An excellent resource for those who are afraid of thunder and lightning or just interested in natural phenomena. Offering a user an interactive map of the Land on which real-time in the form of sparkling dots represent lightning. The color of the dots (from yellow to purple) indicates the intensity of the storm front. If you want you can change the map view to display its relief, satellite imagery or simply drawn a plan of the area. To watch the lightning was more interesting, the portal is most likely booming.

  • Radio hits around the world for 117 years:

Unusual online radio map of the world shows the spread of radio in the last century and what kind of music were popular in different countries c 1900 to the present day. Selecting the country, year, and tempo (slow, fast or “strange”) you can see what the hits shook the air at one time or another. Ukraine is also represented — for example, in 1970, the most popular was the “Chervona Ruta”, and in 1997, our country went crazy from “Spring” by Oleg Skrypka. And right now a hit is considered a Baby from the “DakhaBrakha”.