The results of the week: numbers and events


for 39 state programs

for a total amount of 5.9 billion UAH will conduct the procurement of medicines to Ukraine international organizations for budget funds – the agreement they have signed with the Ministry of health. Procurement through international organisations in 2016 resulted in a saving of 917 million UAH.

reduce to 25%

planning the Ministry of Finance in the year 2018, the number of students – recipients of scholarships, and by 2020 – up to 15% of their total number, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko. According to him, today scholarships are awarded to 40-45% of students by 2017 70% of students received a scholarship.

32 case

corruption in state enterprises to court as at 30 June, the detectives NAB and prosecutors of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office sent. The total size of the object of the crime in these cases reaches 2.4 billion UAH.

$300 million

may be the cost of building the country’s first concession road – Kiev – White Church. This was announced by adviser to the acting Chairman of the state Agency of automobile roads of Alexander cava. Construction work could begin in 2019 and last until 2021.

$327,3 million

was in July net sales (excess of sale over purchase) of foreign currency by the population through the banking system. First year the Ukrainians were sold to banks already at $1,802 billion more foreign currency than bought.

to 1421 UAH

fell in July, the cost of minimal food basket for able – bodied persons in the decline was the first since the beginning of this year, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. Experts believe that the decline happened due to seasonal podeshevlenie fruits and vegetables.

grew by 13.4%

for the first half of hryvnia loans of banks to individuals.

69.7 thousand cars

made import to Ukraine in the first half of 2017, which is approximately two times higher in annual terms, said the Association “Ukrautoprom”.

more than 2 billion UAH

the damage from corruption schemes identified by detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine in the agricultural sector. Corruption in agriculture are primarily the machinations of the land and the embezzlement of funds and property of state enterprises.

5,429 million families

now get housing subsidies, said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva. As at the end of the heating period, grants were received 6,145 million families. YTD subsidies were spent 35 billion UAH of budget funds for these purposes in the state budget by 2017 there will be about 26 billion UAH.

decreased by 0.8 points

consumer sentiment in Ukraine in July compared with June to 58.5, according to the company GfK Ukraine. The index of expected economic development in the coming year, dropped by 2.9 points to 55.6, while the index of expected economic development in the next five years decreased by 1.5 points to 69.9 per. The index of expected changes in personal financial status declined by 0.2 point – to 47.2, while the index of reasonability of large purchases rose by 2.9 points to 59.9. The index of inflationary expectations rose by 2.9 points to 186.

about 52 thousand cars

foreign registration are now in Ukraine with violation of customs legislation. This was announced by acting head of Kyiv city GFS customs Sergey Topolsky

319,9 thousand people

at the end of July were officially registered as unemployed, of which 256,9 thousand received unemployment assistance, the average size of which amounted to 2040 UAH. per month. The level of official unemployment in the country is 1.2% of the population of working age

17 thousand people

including 1.2 thousand officers from the beginning of 2017 accepted into the Armed forces to contract service, just the number of contract servicemen in the army is about 120 thousand people, said the representative of the Ministry of defense Maxime Prout.

9.9 billion UAH

The state Agency of highways (“Ukravtodor”) as of the date sent to road works, said the acting head of “Ukravtodor” Slawomir Nowak. According to him, the day the repair of 600 km of roads.

another 1 million euros

grant aid allocated to Germany to support Ukrainians affected by the war in the Donbass.


grew by 2.4%

Ukraine’s real GDP (adjusted for seasonal factors) in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the corresponding period in 2016, said state statistics Committee. Compared to the first quarter of this year GDP growth was 0.6%

$10 million

send German society for investment and development (DEG), a subsidiary of banking group KfW-Bankengruppe to support small and medium business in Ukraine, reported the press service of the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine. Investments will be directed to export industries, particularly in IT, light and food. Another priority of the enterprise e-Commerce and healthcare.

decreased by 0.76%

to 1,233 trillion UAH assets of all solvent banks in Ukraine in January-June 2017, whereas the number of banks decreased from 93 to 88.

25% more

than the same period in 2016 was carried out commercial flights of the Ukrainian airlines in January-June against 42.6 thousand According to the Ministry of transport, the number of passengers has increased by 40% to 4,565 million people.

70 banks

of the 90 solvent was profitable as of 1 July, and received a net profit of 8.22 billion, 20 banks are unprofitable, with a total net loss of 10.07 billion.

28% larger

for the first half of annually exported agricultural products to $8.7 billion, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. The increase in exports occurred in all categories of agricultural products. The share of agricultural products in Ukrainian exports is about 43%.

187,8 thousand tons

sunflower seeds exported in marketing year 2016/2017 (September 2016 – August 2017), the rate was highest in the last five seasons, said the Agency “UkrAgroConsult”.

increased by 23.3%

in July, yoy tax revenues from big business to 18 billion UAH, said the SFS. Out of this amount UAH 8.4 billion was the revenue from the tax on the added value of 5.4 billion from the excise tax, 1.3 billion from income tax.

up to 14 billion cubic meters

Ukraine has increased gas reserves in underground gas storage facilities, said adviser to the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Maxim bielawski. 2016/2017 heating season in Ukraine started in mid-October, with reserves of 14.7 billion cubic meters.

increased by 24.2%

for the first half of the volume of exports from Ukraine, compared with the same period and totaled $20.7 billion, said the Ministry of economic development. The increase occurred in almost all sectors, except wood and paper pulp

increase of 22.5%

plans to “Ukrzaliznytsya” in October, the tariffs for cargo transportation. Indexation of tariffs for transportation of passengers within Ukraine in 2017 is not planned yet.

increased by 8-9%

the average consumption of electricity in the country with the onset of hot weather, said the Ministry of energy.

1.3 billion UAH

spent last year, the national Bank for printing banknotes and making coins, said the Deputy Director of Department of strategy and reforming of the NBU Ruslan Kravets. The amount of cash in circulation in Ukraine, as of July 1, 2017 was $ 331 billion. While 328,9 billion – banknote (2.8 billion pieces), and coins of 2.04 billion UAH (12.9 billion pieces).

55,72 million subscribers

mobile communication was on July 1 in Ukraine, 1 April they were 56,31 million But you have to understand that in this case we are talking not about people but about the number of active SIM-cards, one person can several.


14 people were killed

and about 100 injured in terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Citizens of 24 countries were killed or injured.

$1.8 billion

placed bonds of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors. This $300 million has exceeded the planned volume of placement. The eight-year paper was sold with a yield of 5.3% per annum. The proceeds will be used to accelerate production of the new “budget” car Model 3.

$4.6 billion

on this amount, recently made a donation to charity bill gates, who on these goals 64 million shares of Microsoft Corp. Since 1994, gates and his wife gave to charity about $35 billion stocks (at their price at the time of donation) and cash.

increased up to $1.15 trillion

in June, the amount of Chinese portfolio of us debt, as a result, China has regained its status as the largest holder of US debt, beating on this indicator, Japan for the first time since October last year (the Japanese are now $1.09 trillion). In third place is Ireland – $302,5 billion, followed by Brazil ($269,7 billion), Cayman Islands ($254 billion) and Switzerland ($244,5 billion). The top 10 holders of US Treasuries also includes UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Of 7.88 billion cubic meters

shale gas was produced in proshlom year in China. As a result, the country has entered the world top three in this production along with the United States and Canada.

increased by 0.6%

GDP in the Eurozone and the EU in the second quarter, according to Eurostat. Compared to the same period last year, GDP grew 2%. The Czech Republic, where GDP increased by 2.3%. Next come Sweden, Romania, Netherlands and Latvia, whose economies grew by more than 1%. In annual terms, the best performance Romania.

grew by 8.7%

in the second quarter in annual terms, the total income of the Turkish tourism industry. In 2016, the flow of tourists to Turkey was the lowest since 1999. The income from this industry amounts to 12% of GDP. According to the International organization of tourism, Turkey is now the 10th place among the most visited in the world.