A saxophonist with a brain tumor played during complex operations

Neuroscientists of Rochester medical center (USA) conducted an operation on the brain of musician Dan Fabbio which during the procedure, played the saxophone. This publication reports ScienceAlert.

The diagnosis of “benign brain tumor” was delivered Fabbio in 25 years. The tumor was in a region that is important for playing a musical instrument. Therefore, an operation to remove it could damage these functions, as well as to disrupt communication between different brain areas. Because every patient is different, doctors had to pre-build a three-dimensional map of neural regions that are important for professional skills, Fabbio.


  • In USA, the patient played the guitar when he opened up the skull

During the procedure, the patient remained conscious. While it operated, he was making sounds, imitating playing the saxophone. It helped experts to determine the key area of the brain responsible for musical ability, and to avoid their damage.

At the end of the operation he was given the tool to make sure the tumor was removed without undesirable consequences.

Earlier it was reported that Brazilian Bank employee Anthony Kuhlkamp Diaz during brain surgery sang and played guitar to the song Yesterday by the British band the Beatles.