In Russia given the alarming forecast on new high-profile political killings

In Russia will continue getting killed for political reasons.

This opinion was expressed by Russian lawyer mark Feygin in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

The lawyer stressed that a political order for these murders in Russia comes from the very top of government.

“Even if directly ordered the murder are not beneficiaries of this system, in a broad sense, the system itself wants these murders, because that’s what they think of a defense against challenges, which makes this the system of society,” – said Feigin.

He said that political murders in Russia actually encourages and Kremlin propaganda, which divides Russian society into a “fifth column” and the majority.

“[…]and so always these sentiments will inspire from the top, create the desire to solve all problems at once, killing the man. As the saying goes, no man – no problem”, – added the lawyer.