Scientists told about harmful of electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette has its share of opponents and defenders, as they hit the market in 2004. Many people believe that they are healthier than cigarettes, but others say that effects of vapors of these cigarettes are unknown. Scientists told about the harmful part of electronic cigarettes, reports “Orthodox”.

Medical organizations typically exhibit a cautious approach and do not specifically recommend electronic cigarettes for Smoking cessation or as a more effective alternative to Smoking. One area of concern is the amount of aldehydes present in cigarette smoke.

These aldehydes are present in tobacco cigarettes in larger quantities than in the electronic cigarettes, but the levels in electronic cigarettes are still unknown.

In addition, the subject of discussion is the amount that is considered dangerous for cardiovascular diseases. Some studies have shown that even small amounts of certain aldehydes can lead to the progression of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers from the Center for tobacco regulation University of Louisville and Centre of narcology conducted a quantitative analysis of both old and newer models of electronic cigarette cartridges using the different flavors. They used a new method of trapping reactive CARBONYLS, which are then stabilized using reaction oxymorphine.

Scientists have discovered that the new device produces more harmful aldehydes than electronic cigarettes first generation, but the composition of modern cigarettes is very harmful to the body.