The TOP 12 foods containing more vitamin C than oranges

Every adult needs to strengthen your immune system. One of the most popular and enjoyable ways is to eat foods containing vitamin C. However, often we are confined to lemons or oranges, because we believe that citrus fruits contain enough nutrients. At the same time offers a list of common vegetables and fruits that contain more vitamin C than the usual oranges.


Chilli is a rich source of vitamin C. In its raw chili pepper contains a whopping 140 mg of vitamin C, which is two times more than oranges.

Red sweet pepper

Surprisingly, in a sweet pepper contains more vitamin C than the chili pepper. The vitamin in this vegetable exceeds the content of vitamin in the orange is almost three times.

Green pepper

Green pepper contains slightly less vitamin C than red, but even that number is 200% of the recommended daily dose – 120 mg. Green pepper is also an excellent source of fiber.


Besides the fact that Kale contains twice the recommended dose of vitamin A and seven times more vitamin K, Kale contains about 80 mg of vitamin C. Kale also provides you with minerals and essential fatty acids.


Product contains 130 mg of vitamin C. besides, broccoli is low calorie and filling. Studies have also shown that broccoli has properties that prevent the development of cancer.


Studies have shown that eating papaya helps lighten the skin and strengthen bones. In addition, papaya contains approximately 85 mg of vitamin C.


A Cup of strawberries contains about 85 mg of vitamin C. besides, strawberries contain folic acid and other compounds that strengthen health and promote heart. Another unexpected benefit of strawberry is that it helps to whiten teeth naturally.


Even a small head of cauliflower in roasted or steamed form contains about 120 mg of vitamin C. in addition, cauliflower is a low calorie food.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts – cancer prevention and a rich source of fiber. In addition, Brussels sprouts contain about 75 mg of vitamin C. to get rid of bitter taste of the cabbage, rinse it with boiling water.


In addition, pineapple contains about 80 mg of vitamin C, it also contains a digestive enzyme, which helps to prevent bloating. Pineapple also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Two kiwi fruit contains about 135 mg of vitamin C. additionally, kiwi is a source of potassium and copper.


The fruit contains approximately 125 mg of vitamin C. besides, mangoes are rich in vitamin a which also strengthens the immune system and helps maintain eye health.

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