Angry generation

Done! The long-awaited news came from the Ministry of foreign Affairs: “on 4 April in the Wellington agreement signed between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the Independent state of Samoa on mutual abolition of visa requirements for citizens of the Russian Federation and citizens of the Independent state of Samoa”. Now in Samoa, as in Krymnash, you can go without a visa!

The closer to October the seventeenth, the more I find common in “judicatum”, in the apt words of Alice, the Russian present with a surreal future from dystopian novel by Vladimir Voinovich “Moscow 2042”, written in 1986. Let me remind those who forgot that the main action of the book takes place in 2042 in Mscorpe — Moscow Communist Republic surrounded by “rings of hostility”. As his time in East Berlin, Mascara separated from the civilized world tall wall with barbed wire and firing on the movement of automatic machine guns. Directs Mascaraa national leader Genialissimo, who according to the law, all citizens are obliged to love immensely. Genialissimo is a former KGB General who came to power as a result of the great August Communist Revolution. It combines the posts of Supreme commander, Secretary General CPGB (Communist Party of State Security), the Chairman of the KGB and the Patriarch of All Russia. Nothing and no one like?

In a short period of his reign Genialissimo built KGB-Orthodox Communist state that is at war with the world, but remains associated with it “…wire imeni Lenina”. Oil and gas are over, but “kommunyane” learned how to produce fuel from the recycled product. Kommunyane officially adore your leader and eat at the same time if not secondary, then the “primary product”: oatmeal, quinoa, rutabaga, “nutrient soup in the rice broth” natural water “Freshness”…

Obedient children scored “kommunen” do you want to continue to have the Kremlin noodles quinoa lies. They will not rest

There is even special parallel conduct is not necessary. If the fictional author of “Chonkin” Mascara was (I will be in 2042) the only country where there are brothels operating in the self mode, today’s Russia is probably the only country where is not prohibited by the corruption, and the fight against it. Hundreds of students landed in jail on March 26, only because he peacefully asked the skiers to the Prime Minister: “Where is the money Dim?”

The fall of the Brezhnev regime had become irreversible when of each iron have you heard the joke about the author of “the little land”. One of the funniest was a joke, as Soviet leader was confused Indira Gandhi with Margaret Thatcher during a reception in the Kremlin. There were a lot of jokes at the time, but about corruption. Mostly about the idiocy of the authorities, and about politics. Today all the jokes about corruption and, of course, about politics too. Here’s a recent example:

— Ivan, where is your homework?

— Seized during the search, Mar Ivanna.

Nothing smarter could not come up with?

In the prophetic novel “Moscow-2042” “happy” kommunyane eventually rise up against Generalissimos. The first bell for the authorities of today’s Russia has already sounded — March 26. Children took to the streets. They again, as he sang Viktor Tsoi, want change. They are beaten, thrown in jail, but they will not rest. Young joke about it. But the joke is not only acute, but sometimes very evil. We can understand them. They grew up and became a generation of angry. They don’t understand how you can reduce 200 roubles subsistence minimum in the country in which the public servant, the President of the state company and each President gets three million a day. They do not understand, for what services these public servants live in palaces, floating on yachts and privatized half of the country while they were growing up and a choir with adults communally shouting: “Crimea is ours!” Now they cry “[John DOE] — a thief!”, and John DOE this is not “Dimon”. It is possible that while one does not interfere and is not inconsistent. But it is.

Mockerey of its own. In solidarity with offended by a simple question about seventy billion rubles (just think, what a trifle!) the Prime Minister, the President took it with him to an exotic trip to the far North to cool off, and at the same time, perhaps, to discuss the General plan of counter-offensive in the fight against corruption. Emboldened by this gift Medvedev take and publish on Twitter your photo with the President in a beautiful windproof red jackets on a windswept Land of Franz Joseph. The younger generation responded with a blast of comments on the web — one funnier than the adviceline and the other at this careless tweet. Obedient children scored “kommunen” do you want to continue to have the Kremlin noodles quinoa lies. They will not rest.

And, indeed, to suppress the protests of the young? They are not truckers, they are not radio frequency is shut off, his mouth ruble will not shut up, they can’t buy. The Kremlin is well aware that the main driving force of protest in all the “color” revolutions — whether in the middle East, Georgia and Ukraine — were young people. Young people rebelled first and foremost against corruption, since this all began. The Kremlin have nothing to cover. In the Soviet Union, and in Mascaraa Voinovich was at least some kind of ideology. Today’s Russian authorities, no other ideology, except the ideology of corruption, no. And they will defend their right to corruption until my last breath.

What a coincidence! While all the cops in armor and fully armed fighting tirelessly, fight against corruption, in St. Petersburg exploding car subway trains. Confused, chaotic, contradictory statements of the authorities there are few who believe. Russia almost unique country in the world whose citizens have reason to seriously suspect their own government of sponsoring terrorism, bombings, political assassinations. Remember — in 1999, the chief police Department of Ryazan Colonel Kabashov hesitated about “exercise with sugar”: “Our preliminary examination found the presence of explosives (in bags with “sugar”, founded in the basement of an apartment building in Ryazan — approx. ed.). We were not informed about the teachings. We proceeded from the fact that the danger is real”.

And if kommunyane still willing to believe in all what they are from the TV screen, the young do not watch TV, they live on the Internet. They don’t want to live in the “rings of hostility”, I don’t want to take “secondary product” in the shaft Lenin, want a microscope to look at the globe of a friendly state. They do not want to die in Syria or Donbass for the crazy Imperial ideas of Generalissimus. In the novel, Voinovich Genialissimo is saved from people’s anger that breaks away from Earth in a spaceship. After 26 March, it became clear that the spacecraft time to build. Not in Samoa are the same — even without the visa — run, in the end.

After a treacherous blow of a Tomahawk in the back by now the sworn friend of the Kremlin Donald trump youth networks are actively discussing what will be an asymmetric response of the Kremlin. Depriving disabled orphans of the chance at a happy life away from her stepmother, the homeland — already. The ban of tasty and quality food for kommunen already was. Surely it’s time for a retaliatory missile attack? And suddenly these missiles will not fly? Still get uncomfortable “in front of the boys”. That means we need to work out somewhere new “teachings with sugar to have that.” The violent patriot Alexander Prokhanov offers to do it in Ukraine. It’s true — do not bomb “wrong far West”, at the end of it all? And not because it’s scary. We Russians are not afraid of anything. But because in the West “civil servants are servants of the people” — Laurel, Zheleznyakov, mizulin, and at the DOE home, boat, kids, wife, bills. So, after all Ukraine like insists frantic Alexander Prokhanov? Or is it the Anschluss most loyal friendly neighbor from the “middle rings of hostility” to do?

Angry generation that is more interested in politics, however, “online” inclined to think: if there is a strike, that strike it most likely… Voronezh. More asymmetrical you can think of? The Russian proverb “beat the that strangers were afraid” has not been canceled.

This week the European Parliament approved a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. Ring of hostility is shrinking, becoming more hostile by leaps and bounds…