Which position gives men cheating: expert on body language

An expert on body language Patti wood explained what is the posture of a man may indicate his infidelity, reports “New time” with reference to The Independent .

“Attraction and sex can increase testosterone levels and create minor changes in the body,” – says an expert on body language Patti wood.

If you suspect your man in possible treason, look at how he is standing or sitting. A new object of sympathy can say the posture of the alpha male: placing chest forward and shoulders back, legs wide apart, a certain slackness and apparent confidence.

A confident pose and widely spaced legs are a sign of power and domination. Getting on the ground firmly and unwavering, the man subconsciously prepares your body to attack someone from the outside and shows that he has a new person in which case it is necessary to protect.


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However, the position of the alpha male does not necessarily mean that the man is cheating and in General is prone to change. The same position is common in men who are happy with themselves as a result of the success and victories in sports and other situations that raise self-esteem.

If you have no suspicions that her husband can change you, don’t panic when you change its habitual postures and movements. If his behavior seems strange, try to speak frankly.