How to prepare your car for sale to buyer does not have to wait long

The car finally ceased to be a luxury for ordinary Ukrainians. For most it is a means of transportation but for many the opportunity to earn a lot of money. And growing automotive market, which is increasingly found used cars: a new car can afford one, even on loan.

Thus, according to Autoconsulting automotive Agency in March (the peak month for the sale of cars) in the salons was bought for 7 thousand cars, while used car sales in the tens of thousands. Only on the so-called Polish plates on the roads of Ukraine, according to the NGO “Auto Euro Force”, travels about 3 million cars.

Therefore, with the question of purchase and sale once faced by every motorist. How to prepare the “iron friend”, we were told the editor in chief of automobile magazine Artem Kiselev and the seller of the car market Anatoly Ignatovich.


The price of car depends first of all from mileage, then the state of the parts and the body. To ask the price, going to the site to sell cars, find a few suggestions similar to yours. Note how long they are sold: if more than a month — the price is too high.

Proceed from the average price and add to it from 2 to 10% for bargaining. A special trip to the market is not: about 70% of cars today are sold via the Internet. In addition, on the market are often speculators, for which the sale of the auto business, so start from their value is not very reliable.

Traditionally the price is given in dollars, so as not to “scare” the client a large sum even if it is tens of thousands, looks more accessible than the numbers that are close to a million.


Car meet on the body. Before you give the car to the car wash, pay attention to all the little details: moldings, if any, should be smooth. By the way, today’s motorists, they are not held in high esteem under the moldings can hide scratches or damage. All overhead items should be neatly and securely attached. If there are scratches, it is better to samaapatti: buy paint in the color of your car (from 150 UAH), and with a brush or with cotton buds carefully seal the scratches. From minor scratches will help the body Polish (850-3500 UAH).

If the headlights or the lights are wet, or outside, they look dull, disassemble and wipe all these little things affect the value. At the sink make sure to thoroughly wash podkletnoe space: there also looks attentive customer. The entire period of the sale (even if you drive) the machine should be clean.

At the car wash. Make sure to wash podkletnoe space


Restore all the small details: a lighter in the cigarette lighter (its place often takes charge of avtogadzhet). In the trunk should be lit all the bulbs (if they are), all items return to their seats: their absence makes the interior is more than dirt.

Better to make a dry cabin (800-1500 UAH), and if he is in decent form — vacuum thoroughly, wash all the glass from the inside. RUB the plastic Polish matte: glossy gives the simulated look of the car and looks like you have something trying to hide. Experienced motorists sometimes rubbed leather items pharmacy glycerin: it restores the appearance for 1-2 months. Experienced buyers pay attention to the ceiling: clean it from stains.

If the car was Smoking, it could reduce the price by 2-5%.

Carefully wipe grill evaporator and fan nozzles: dust it will play a bad joke. Use unobtrusive car fragrance: a pleasant smell in the car has a buyer. All the electrics from the sound to highlight the panels, must be operational. Even if you cannot give a cabin look, the car has to impress well-groomed “horse”.


There is something called pre-sale preparation, which can be done in 1600-3500 UAH. But if you spend money do not want to do it myself. For example, the hood part to wash, and to do so without fanaticism: a brilliant, Vydrina “potranca” when you run more than 50 thousand will cause the buyer doubts. Wash the stains from consumable fluids, footprints in the washer reservoir. If necessary, change the small nozzles, clamps and gaskets covers. Pour in the liquid in all the tanks and monitor the level and color of oil: clean and in the right quantity, it will hide problems with the engine in the sale.


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If you prepare in advance a car, fill up the premium petrol: it will save the engine. Save and additives which is necessary to fill in for a week or two: they will relieve the engine from a suspicious noise. The cost of cars increase the original units, shock absorbers, glass, suspension parts. The more, the safer the car and the more chances to sell it.

Be prepared that the buyer will want to inspect the car on your SRT, so the “chronic diseases” it is better to warn at once. Owner car with all notes replaced parts passed, etc — a definite plus when selling. In the same way as a set of seasonal rubber, the cost of which should be included in the price of the car, and set to give.


In an average day on Craigslist, you receive about 2 thousand proposals. The competition is great, and it may seem that selling the car would be long. In fact, at a reasonable price car to sell really for 1-2 weeks: interested buyers will literally snap off the phone, and to show the good they can, when it suits you.

On the market it makes sense to go, if you sell a car urgent: dealers will take it on 1,5—2 thousand cheaper than the market value already at the entrance. To stand well with his “iron friend” on the market — spent weekend: a chance to meet “their” buyer is minimal.

There are playgrounds, car sales and site trade-in (which the owner puts the car up for sale to sold amount add money and buy another here). Here are usually sold reward cars that are waiting for a buyer for months. Another long option is to glue the information on the sale on the back window of a car to meet an interested buyer on the road extremely difficult. Rather, this option is good only for testing demand.