Bread truce

Minsk negotiating group on the settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine came to an agreement in the issue of the announcement in the Donbass “Bread truce” from 24 June to 31 August for the harvest. However much hope for his success no one is. It is only in 2017, there were already three “big truce”, none of which brought the world.

Donbass now, in theory, exist within a “permanent” ceasefire for children’s day on 1 June. Simply then, the truce lasted only one day and ended in a massive outbreak of fighting in the Lugansk area near the village of Zholobok June 6-7.

And the situation on 21 June, the Deputy head of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug called the current military situation in Donbass is catastrophic. Hug said that the OSCE observation mission detects violations of the ceasefire “in a single night many hundreds, and even thousands”. The statement was made on the background of the incident with the refusal to allow his patrol of the OSCE in the village Pikuz (Kominternovo) under Mariupol. The basis for the refusal was the fact that the stretch of road controlled by the armed groups of the self-proclaimed DNR, was not yet cleared. Part, which is the responsibility of the APU, to defuse in time — the OSCE representative said too much.

Village Pikuz returned to its old Greek name recently and only in Ukrainian maps. However, it is controlled by armed groups DNR and they still called Kominternovo. This is one of the few villages in the so-called “grey zone”, which from 2016 is under the control of the DNI, the head of which is Alexander Zakharchenko, a special decree has subjected his Novoazovsk administration of the breakaway Republic. Village Council Kominternovo always subordinate to the neighboring village of Water. Now between the villages, the front line, and Kominternovo, and Water are often under fire.

Alexander hug 20 Jun spent patrolling the villages near Mariupol and met with representatives of the rural communities of the villages of Sartana, Talakovka, Lebedinskoye, Pavlopol, Chermalyk, representatives of the residents of the resort village Wide, whose population in 2015 was evacuated to Mariupol and Novoazovsk, because on its territory there are fights, and with the head of the Ukrainian military and civil administration of the village Pikuz.

The heads of village councils, together with local farmers, made an appeal to all parties to the conflict with the requirement to declare, “bread truce” at the time of harvest. Bread truce in these parts was not.

“We discussed what specific territory are directly under the influence of the fighting on the frontline, and we will inform about the concerns of these people and the specific boundaries of the agricultural land on which it is necessary to ensure the cease-fire of all individuals depends on making such decisions”, — explained the essence of the meeting to journalists Alexander hug in a special statement issued on the steps of the village Council of Sartan.

Alexander hug did not hide that even he doesn’t believe in strict implementation of the “bread of truce” all parties to the conflict. First Deputy head of the OSCE observation mission was unusually emotional and blunt.

“We Express our admiration for the representatives of villages and farmers because they do not give up, practically shouted hug. — The OSCE will support any efforts and attempts of local people to develop in front-line villages of peaceful life and work.” But he has no illusions that the situation is “one night out catastrophic will turn to normal” because the parties “lack the political will to do what they promised in the Minsk agreements”.

Special correspondent of “Spectrum” spoke to those present at the meeting the village head of the village Pavlopol Sergey Shapkin:

— In the village of now all alive, — he said. — But in may, a guy on a tractor hit an anti-tank mine in the field. In the shirt of man was born! Mine was blown up under the tractor, and under the loose device in the form of a trailer for him, and it all flew up into the sky. The tractor only glass was damaged, the guy’s 34 years old — not a scratch. The Lord helped, a miracle revealed. But we hope more wonders why do it: write letters, meet with the OSCE, ask…Chances are slim, but there is hope.

— Cleared the field how?

— Those that are processed, cleared three times, but again, the technique is undermined. The rains were, the wheat belt is, and now it all will burn under all the fighting, even by a stray bullet!

— Many planted?

— Under the village of more than 600 hectares planted and can’t work. I’m with the farmers talked a lot and offered to find places workers at plants in Mariupol, but it’s other people, they plant treated as an inhuman monster, and to the earth they talk. Plus I’m afraid to interrupt the business of the farmers 25-30 hectares of land, came to this over the years, the equipment collected, diesel fuel, spare parts and seed money in the spring was taken to leave all possible. They may not die, but experience very heavy strokes, heart attacks. And die last year in the village of Chermalyk guy to death, blown up, and this year his family is his field — planted at the new and working. What can I say?

— We are gathered — continues Sergey Shapkin, farmers, head of village head created a community of Sartana and largest local farmers “harvest Holding” and created the initiative “Bread truce.” Let the military “rest” a couple of months and will enable us to work on. Sent to Normandy four and the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire in Donbass (SCCC) on both sides, the OSCE can now hug to someone will bring…

— Do you think that “bread truce” really?

— I think not. But if we fail to address, to speak, to demand, it will never become a reality. We sow the grain and we believe that it is right. But the OSCE said today that we should not be naive people.

According to Sergei Shapkina, before the war around Pavlopol it was sown 3.5 thousand hectares of land, now a large agricultural holding sown with wheat 617 hectares and about 150 local farmers. As explained by the village head of Pavlopol, in 2016, the situation was more tolerant in view of the fact that less arable land had been cleared and most of the land was planted is much less flammable compared to wheat sunflower.

It is absolutely phenomenal for the war in Eastern Ukraine, the Sergey Shapkin. In his Palopoli even the OSCE representative on Minsk talks Martin Sajdik came to study the local experience, is a frequent guest here Alexander hug, the entire Western war correspondents at least once, but the village stopped. For example, the OSCE, the economic sub-group in Minsk, Ukrainian and Russian part of the SCCC, the relevant Ministry in Kiev struggling third year of unsuccessfully trying to restore gas supplies from Donetsk in the same Krasnogorovka and Marinka, are unable to establish an uninterrupted supply of water in Western districts of the Donetsk region, in the settlements of the Luhansk region and in the Lugansk, but the little Pavlopol, located near Mariupol, all the while somehow living in a “grey zone” through the efforts of one of Sergei Shapkina, who manages to agree with the others and solve most of the issues unresolved for politicians.

Pavlopol was between the positions of the opposing sides in 2014. In the village stopped by patrols from both sides, and from time to time, someone local was detained.

In Pavlopole unique biosphere enterprise — fishing area, where he raised the fry of the sturgeon and Beluga for subsequent release into the sea of Azov. The program existed since the late 80-ies of the last century, launched it after waterworks in the swamps of the don blocked the usual way of spawning. In 2014, breeding stock of fish fed the anchovy, Provost it illegally through Ukrainian checkpoints. Then Shapkin has made local truces, permission to export and was even able to organize the evacuation of the uterus sturgeon and Beluga on the state-owned enterprise in the Kherson region. And 272 thousand fingerlings in the summer of 2016 released again in the sea of Azov! Think now it is Queens return home — in Pavlopol.

Then Shapkin was able to negotiate with the Ukrainian Marines, and they moved their position over the village, and the Item was not in no man’s land, bombarded from two sides, near the rear of the APU, which is much safer. Then he organized in the village, where not drive no repair crews and ambulance, my band, the “repairers” of the local who are repairing broken after shelling wire, in place of getting paid for their work the payment of money (they are collected in the yards) and humanitarian aid (Shapkin as a man, very clearly writing grant projects and accurately reporting all Western mission gets everywhere).

The village receives electricity from the Ukraine hryvnia. Water shakes free from the neutral zone from the well, which is closer to the positions of the armed forces DND. The pump for these purposes, the village received humanitarian aid from the International red cross. Near the pump is guarded by a pond Keeper. “A good man, though without the documents, calmly tells Shapkin. — Closely followed by people in camouflage and, if put banners close to the pump, it their special “cat” on a rope undermined”.

Well, the village gets its gas… is a Russian from Donetsk (under the control of the DNI) and it paid for residents in cash at a price 6 times lower than in Ukraine already in the DNI. And at the headquarters of the Marines APU in Pavlopole also know that fried eggs on Russian gas that they correspondent of “Spectrum” and confirmed.

School after the shelling, 2014 in Pavlopole not working, and children carry every day to another village of the “gray zone” — Talakovka. But kindergarten Shapkin not averse to start. But the Ukrainian budget nursery can not pay by Bank transfer in rubles for the gas in the DNI. First, the self-declared Republic recognized banking system, and secondly, can not in principle. Sergey Shapkin appealed to the Donetsk military-civil administration with the request to pay the transfer pot of a kindergarten for solid fuel, but received a strict refusal.

It turns out that budget funding in front-line villages in Ukraine can not be, because of the inability to guarantee the repair under fire, and that the renovated building will cover the mortars the next day after the repair. To avoid a “fiscal fraud”. Children in Pavlopole not much, about 30 residents before the war was around 800, now less, of course.

All these villages, whose representatives met Alexander hug, trying to join the community of Sartana. Actually log in Mariupol and use of local hospitals, the budget and social services. Actually log, but in any case not legally.

Mariupol wants to take the village who lost their district centers in the war (Novoazovsk and Telmanovo in August 2014 under the control of the DNI), but he didn’t want, they were considered “urban”. Headers “the Shells fell again on the outskirts of Mariupol” is considered superfluous. They will scare away investors. Mariupol and so heroic efforts have removed themselves from the government’s list of “frontline” — in the cities of the Western officials of the security service of embassies forbidden to appear, and the insurance companies they do not distribute insurance.

Therefore, attach the village to a large Greek village of Sartana, whose village Council is accountable to the city Council of Mariupol.

Mariupol 10 km from the front line, a village of the future “unified community of Sartana” and the closer, but in each of the settlements are working hard on the economy as the basis of life — peaceful or military, it is not so important.

The bread should be sown, to attract investment, people have to work, no matter what kind of war is near.

The collective appeal of farmers, village heads, local chiefs from the agricultural “harvest Holding” demanding “Bread truce” from Channel four, the OSCE and the “all on whom it depends” category, hopeless screaming of the damned.

Therefore, it is so emotionally caught all knowing, the first Deputy head of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug. And he embraced and supported by all parties in Minsk.