Inhabitants of the Nikolaev area almost lost cottages for large-scale fire

A fire of dead wood in the Nikolaev area almost done the trouble, because next to the fire houses, electrical substation and gas station.

According to rescuers, they asked residents of the cooperative “Sokil” in the village of Mikhaylo-Larino vitovskaia district area, where in the open area caught fire of dry grass. “Due to the large amount of deadwood was the danger that the fire will spread to the territory of the residential sector and the electrical substation, which was near a source of fire,” — told in a press-service gschs in the Nikolaev area.

Rescuers had to take measures to prevent the spread of the disaster, and then to extinguish the grass. According to preliminary estimates of rescuers, the fire has spread to 10,000 square meters, fortunately, no one was hurt.

We will remind, during a fire at the market in Odessa were explosions and injured cops.