Inside and outside let’s create friends, not enemies

United States of America will survive the crisis, if you can’t find a suitable enemy? Remember the events which witnesses we were starting with 1990-ies, when the cold war ended, the US remained the only superpower…

The possibility of peace

Putin directly said, When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was not able to levitate their military aircraft. If in this period, the USA held out her hand, Russia, too, as, for example, Turkey could be among the allies of the United States.

This was the period when NATO created against the Soviet Union, communism and the Warsaw Pact, had no reason for existence.

A return to the old

But the US as if nothing had happened continued to surround Russia. As the only superpower, the United States, on the one hand, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan without a UN resolution, on the other — began to arm the countries of the former “iron curtain” against Russia.

Putin’s evaluation of these events: “the US need not allies, but vassals”. And said that over the past years, the recovery of Russia and its superpower status was inevitable.

Period Trump

Ironically, to find an external enemy of the US was not enough.

The US is now headed by President trump trying to produce and internal enemies.

At this time, the tramp, of course, does not stop the search for external enemies. The target is not only Russia, but also China, Venezuela, Mexico and even a miniature North Korea. And among those who declared enemy inside the country — mainstream media and American liberals. If you want to be neo-Nazis, coloncleanse, racists who organize protests in Virginia, trump considers close to himself.

What should Turkey do?

If to speak about us, a much more rational position from the point of view of Turkish foreign policy is to turn other countries into friends, not enemies. And, most importantly, it is unwise to declare enemies in domestic politics.

First of all, the opposition parties and a free press is the primary condition for a healthy democracy. In other words, Turkey should closely follow the US in its current form and to know that all that they do, need to do exactly the opposite. In addition, during the period when “syndrome FETÖ” (a terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen)) has a negative impact on our way of thinking, we must be even closer than before.