In defense of Mexico

Cancel Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on his visit to the US, originally scheduled for next Tuesday, is the only logical response to the aggressive approach demonstrated by the President of the trump in its country and citizens, whom he repeatedly called thieves and criminals.

Many assumed that the campaign rhetoric, trump will fade into the background once he takes office, and then, as is usually the case in politics, will begin the process of bringing the campaign promises in line with the constraints that reality imposes on the actions of the President. Some of those who thought so, including the Peña Nieto, did not pay attention to the multiple signs that trump was not a normal candidate and would prefer to look at what is happening complacent and calm. Did the Mexican President, despite the fact that in August last year, took to his official residence Los Pinos with then-presidential candidate trump. It was a strange and unfortunate visit, which has not achieved its objective, namely to trump abandoned his intentions or changed them.

Less than a week after joining trump’s office as he confirmed the intention to implement immediately and with astounding thoroughness their toughest promises associated with what is euphemistically called control of immigration and borders, although in reality we are talking about the very real racism and xenophobia, the first victim of which was Mexico.

The construction of the wall, completely separating Mexico from the United States, which Mexicans still require money; the threat of imposition of tariffs on Mexican exports; forcing American companies to ensure that they divested from Mexico and threats of deportation of Mexican citizens living and working in the United States, in fact, constitute aggression against Mexico.

Trump began his presidency with recovery, as he puts it, the greatness of the country, by humiliating its neighbor, the weaker and the poor, threatening him with action that will undoubtedly create serious problems for the Mexicans.

Fortunately, the citizens of Mexico are not alone in this difficult situation. The mayors of major U.S. cities, supported by millions of honest Americans have expressed their opposition to the policy of deportations of trump, even if it threatens to deprivation of Federal funds.

But Mexico, as if she neither wanted, alone will not be able to resist the aggressive actions of trump, the entire way of life which was marked by hard pressure, both in politics and in business. Therefore one needs a powerful voice in defense of Mexico from Europe and from outside, primarily, of the States of the Ibero-American community. After all, if all these regional forums and summit meetings that bring us together with Mexico, will not declare solidarity with this country, then the question will arise, and whether they are necessary at all.