Putin is trying to “freeze” the war in the Donbass – Bloomberg

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to use the UN peacekeepers to freeze unleashed the war in the Donbass. His latest conciliatory offer to Ukraine should not be viewed properly – as another attempt to succeed. And treat it accordingly. As reported ZN.ua in an editorial article the newspaper writes Bloomberg, Recalling that after Putin proposed to introduce UN peacekeepers to Donbas, German foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, said he was “happy” and “surprised” at the sudden proposal of the Kremlin. The Russian side has rejected all proposals for peace missions up to that time. The newspaper notes that anyone who knows Putin, should not be so gullible as Gabriel.

When the Ukrainian government and its Western allies also called for the introduction of the UN mission in the Donbass, they rightly insisted that the peacekeepers also followed the Ukrainian-Russian border, through which Moscow is smuggling weapons and troops to separate the neighboring country even more. But Putin wants international forces patrolled only the unofficial line of demarcation between the territories occupied by the Ukrainian army. His goal, obviously, is to UN forces helped secure the actual independence of Russian-backed puppet “republics”.

Strategy on Ukraine, which also includes the annexation of Crimea through a so-called “referendum” in 2014, is part of a long-term goal of Putin to create a series of “frozen” conflicts at the Russian border. They should serve as a “buffer zone” between Russia and the fact that the Russian President calls the “hostile West”. This purpose is served by other self-proclaimed “Republic”: Transnistria in Moldova and Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia, which Moscow severed in the course of the war in 2008.


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“The West must see in the last sentence, Putin on Ukraine what it is: a Trojan horse, which will strengthen the Pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine. Talk about sending UN peacekeepers must begin with the understanding that the peacekeepers will patrol the Ukrainian-Russian border and deal with the transfer of Russian military assistance to the separatist regions,” the article says.

The publication adds that the US and its allies must seriously consider measures that will strengthen the position of Ukraine in negotiations on the full restoration of its sovereignty including the transfer of lethal weapons, particularly the Javelin rockets. The West should make it clear to the Ukrainian government that without the destruction of corruption and punish those who committed war crimes to join the society will fail.

The Ukrainian conflict has indeed become less intense and disappeared from the headlines of international publications. But this is not improvement, this is what Putin really wants.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference following the summit, the BRICS declared that admits the presence of UN peacekeepers in the Donbas. But we can talk “only about the function of ensuring the safety of OSCE staff”. And do peacekeeping forces “must be on the boundary line, and to any other territories.” On the same day, the Russian representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia sent the Russian draft resolution on peacekeepers in the governing bodies of the United Nations.

In response to Putin’s proposal to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbas should be agreed with Kiev, to provide for the withdrawal of all occupation troops and mercenaries and their weapons from the territory of Ukraine and to ensure a reliable control of the Ukrainian-Russian border. In addition, there can be no question of participation in the mission of the military or citizens of the aggressor country, as well as the consent of the Kremlin-controlled groups ORDA to conduct peacekeeping operations.

Wednesday, September 6, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko handed to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres and the President of the UN security Council a written statement of position regarding the Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent in Donbas.