PHOTOFACT. Ukraine has found a rare vintage truck

In Ukraine, discovered a rare car-truck MMZ-585 was built on the chassis of the truck ZIS-150 in 1952. The car was discovered by enthusiasts of the project “workshop for test drives,” reports “Autocentre”.

“Found the car remained in good condition. The hood is the radiator grille from the later ZIL, the front wings are also non-native – from all-wheel drive ZIS-151/ZIL-157. However, everything else is native, including engine, interior cabin and body-shaped, received, true, self-made adapter Board.

The native engine — ZIL-120

Dump truck MMZ-585 was produced on the chassis of the ZIS-150, later ZIL-150 with 1946, and in 1957 began to be used upgraded base truck ZIL-164.

The interior is in excellent condition

The capacity of the machine is 4000 kg. Weight in running order – 3900 kg.

MMZ 585 used petrol 6-cylinder engine ZIL-120 displacement 5,55 liters and output of 90 HP at 2400 rpm.

Fuel consumption with full load on the highway and 29 liters per 100 km cruising range with a full load 515 km, Maximum speed – 65 km/h.