In BPP proposed to adopt the draft law on the Donbass

The Pro-presidential faction proposes to adopt laws that would ensure the government contracts Universities of Donbass, in order to prevent the outflow of young people, but also providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by armed Russian aggression. This was at the Conciliatory Council in the Verkhovna Rada declared the head of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov.

“Decisive and fundamental change requires the judicial system. Support of appropriate legislation is a key mechanism of purification of the judiciary and the return of confidence to domestic servants of Themis. Therefore, the fraction of the PPO calls for support for bill No. 6232 of changes in economic, civil and administrative codes. Also, you can no longer fail the voting of law No. 6427 of the constitutional production. We must finally implement the legislative operation of the constitutional court and to allow Ukrainians to defend their own constitutional rights. There is no political motivation. All the controversial issues we can discuss in Committee or in the session hall. Initiated by the President of Ukraine judicial reform has the potential to become successful and the justice is fair and effective,” – said Gerasimov.

Also, according to him, the fraction of requests to include in the agenda bill No. 6549 on amendments to the law of Ukraine on prevention of corruption (he deals with the reporting of non-profit non-governmental organizations, which are mainly funded by European and American grants – Ed.).

“We want to draw attention to the bill No. 6016 on the audit of financial statements and auditing, accounting and financial reporting No. 4646. Remind them to introduce modern auditing standards and accounting according to international rules. This will give the opportunity not only to improve competitiveness in the international arena, but also to improve the work efficiency in the middle of our state. Another important for millions of Ukrainians the question of energy saving and energy efficiency. Last week we adopted a draft law on energy efficiency Fund, but not less important this week to consider draft laws No. 4901 of commercial accounting in the utilities, on the energy performance of buildings No. 4941-D. Also, please include for consideration at the Thursday another bill from a package of energy efficiency – the draft law No. 1581-d on housing and communal services”,-says the head of the BPP.

It is extremely important, according to Arthur Gerasimov, to include in the agenda and to vote on the law No. 6548.

“This is a fairly simple change to the law on higher education that will strengthen the state support higher education institutions in the Donbass. For areas with millions of inhabitants it is important to maintain educational institutions and to prevent the outflow of young people. It is proposed to provide these educational institutions with fixed orders similar to what we have temporarily moved to the educational institution. Also the fraction of the PPO asks to support bill No. 5475, which amends the law on humanitarian assistance. He introduced new effective mechanisms for providing humanitarian assistance, strengthen the interaction between state and international organizations. This law directly affects more than 2.5 million Ukrainians who suffered from the armed aggression of Russia. Additionally, the law will speed up the provision of the population with the most essential goods in emergency cases in the area of ATO,” – summed up Arthur Gerasimov.