Women with curvy hips are smarter and healthier than others scientists

According to researchers from the University of Oxford and Churchill hospital in Soeginina Kingdom hips not only improve overall health, but also beneficial to the intellect and helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, according to newsyou.info.

According to the researchers, the location of body fat plays an important role, so if you are the owner of a couple extra pounds, better if they are concentrated, you have below the waist. This will help to prevent heart disease, diabetes and other diseases associated with obesity.

“It’s a kind of protective mechanism of the lower body, namely fat in the hips and buttocks, which has been confirmed by many studies that have involved people of different ages, with different BMI, and comorbidities,” reads one publication about overweight.

  • The types of shapes “Apple” and “pear”

Compare the shape of your body fruit will help you to determine if you’re on the right track. The researchers say that women with a pear body type have nothing to worry about. But if your body is Apple-shaped, you should begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

People who have fat concentrated in the abdomen usually have more problems with obesity than those with whom he is placed on the thighs and buttocks.

“There is a lot of evidence that fat deposits are different values for the body, – said Dr. Robert Kushner, a Professor medicine specializing in obesity at Northwestern memorial Hospital in Chicago. – Abdominal fat “is more active from the point of view of metabolism”. This means that it has a greater impact on the brain and the body, whereas fat located in the lower part of the body has a tendency to stability and contains less of immunoregulatory cytokines and proteins related to the insulin resistance that is a harbinger of diabetes.”

  • Weight gain is regulated by processes in the brain

Another factor related to the distribution of fat in women is leptin. Levels of leptin responsible for regulating appetite, which depends on both the hips. The brains of obese people completely stop responding to this hormone, causing the body to develop a resistance to leptin, which is comparable to insulin resistance.


  • Why we get fat: hormones as a cause of increased body weight

“A lush hips also contributes to an increase in the female body level of leptin which is a hormone responsible for regulating weight and anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic properties. Fat thighs prevent harmful fatty particles and prevent cardiovascular disease,” reads another edition.

  • Wide hips is a sign of high intelligence

Maintaining a lush hips require a significant amount of omega-3 fats, which are known to improve brain function, memory and cognitive abilities. Studies also show that children born to women with wide hips, have a higher intelligence compared to those who were born to a slim mother.

This once again proves that a few extra kilos on the hips -not a disadvantage, and in many aspects it is even an advantage.