German manufacturer buys building materials company URSA

One of the largest international manufacturers of construction materials and solutions for the construction of Xella International GmbH (Germany) acquires leading European manufacturer of heat and sound insulating materials URSA. A contract was signed with the investment Fund KKR in August 2017, the Transaction is expected to complete by the end of 2017.

The agreement is beneficial to both companies. The acquisition of URSA, Xella will expand its portfolio of famous brand of building materials based on mineral fibers that will allow you to combine products and offer consumers comprehensive, innovative solutions in the field of energy saving. In addition, according to its size, management structure and countries of presence of company Xella and URSA is very similar that will ensure the successful joint development in the future. The company URSA is to develop as a separate business structure within the Xella Group, as before focusing on the customer satisfaction in high-quality insulating materials.

As stated by Pepin, Dinant, Executive Director URSA: “This move will give an important impetus to our growth strategy”. In turn, Jochen Fabricius, Executive Director of the Xella Group, said: “We appreciate the achievements of the management and staff of URSA. Xella will provide full support URSA”.

Both companies will continue to make efforts in building a modern, energy efficient and environmentally friendly building materials.


Company Xella is engaged in the development, production and promotion on the market of building materials, wall panels, lime and limestone products. By the end of 2016, the sales volume of the company amounted to 1.33 billion Euros and a profit (EBITDA) of about € 280 million. The company owns 95 plants in 20 countries and has a network of retailers in 30 countries. Number of employees – 5,9 thousand. the Company owns well-known brands such as Ytong, Hebel, Silka (foam concrete, silicate bricks), Multipor (mineral non-combustible insulation), are in fermacell (wall cladding), Fels (lime products).

The company URSA is one of Europe’s largest producers of heat and sound insulating materials based on mineral fibers (GEO URSA, URSA PUREONE, URSA TERRA) and extruded penopolystirol (XPS). The company has 13 production centres, strategically located throughout Europe. In Ukraine, the brand URSA has more than 20 years. During this time, the URSA products have become popular among professionals and consumers, has acquired a reputation for quality, reliable, environmentally safe and easy to use materials.