What products to use to all women

Nutritionists called the four essential product that should be present on the Desk to each woman. About it writes “Home”.


This berry is very rich in fiber and contains a small amount of sugar. Frequent use of bilberry has a beneficial effect on visual acuity as shown by many studies, and enhances memory. Try to replace the traditional dessert of blueberries with fresh whipped cream.


This simple vegetable is very rich in vitamin C and is a storehouse of many nutrients and fiber. In addition, cabbage contains substances that help the body to deal with such a terrible disease like cancer.


Eat more oatmeal in its raw form. Pamper yourself with a range of oat cereals, including fast food. Oatmeal is the best source of succinic acid, protein, and fiber.


Canned sardines with readily available, inexpensive and do not require cooking. They are very healthy, as rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Regularly using a soft fish bones, you will enrich your body with calcium and proteins.