Gazprom is actively pumping gas into European storages

Russian “Gazprom” on the eve of the upcoming winter 2017-2018 concluded several short-term contracts for the storage of natural gas in Europe.

Contracts for the storage of a total of 1.8 billion cubic meters of active gas (44.5 million euros) were concluded with the Slovak Slovensky plynarensky priemysel, a.s. Foldgazkereskedo Hungarian Magyar Zrt., Swiss Gazprom Schweiz AG, Slovak NAFTA a.s. Austrian OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH, the Swiss MET International AG.

The points of delivery gas contracts are the points in Slovakia, Hungary, Austria. They receive gas through Ukraine.

Contracts take effect from the first week of August. Now according to the statistics of “Gazprom” shows that in August, the company increased injection into European stores by about 20 million cubic meters per day.


  • “Gazprom” record has increased the gas transit to Europe

In previous years, “Gazprom export” from time to time announced the conclusion of separate contracts for gas storage with non-affiliated operators – international trader Vitol, Hungarian MVM. However, such large short-term market transactions of storage, “Gazprom” announced for the first time.

We will remind, as of August 15, the gas reserves in underground storages (UGS) of Ukraine amounted to 13.96 billion cubic meters. m. Thus, the store is filled to approximately 45%.