The Ukrainians will take the examination on law new: what has changed

For inspectors and future drivers have set a clear time frame

Until the Verkhovna Rada decides the fate of driving schoolstoday, July 17, in Ukraine came into force new rules for obtaining a driver’s license. The changes stipulated in two regulations of the Ministry of internal Affairs (MVD), which relate to the procedure of examination for future drivers.

“From now on confirm management skills made easy”, – stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Agency also listed the main innovations. In particular, a clear duration of each phase of the practical exam:

  • on the court – not less than 10 min;
  • on the road – at least 20 min;
  • in General, no more than an hour.

Officially permitted to deviate from the route of the practical exam if it is impossible traffic because of traffic jams, road repair, traffic accidents, etc.

“Photos, video recording happens to start each test and is carried out continuously until its completion. <…> The exam is stopped if the person is using additional electronic devices or materials, tips and the like”, – said the interior Ministry.