Both look great on the photo: video secrets of Hollywood stars

Of course, it is no secret that the ideal appearance of models and stars is the result of skilled labor of stylists and image-makers who spent lots of hours on styling, makeup and selection of attire, writes Irina Mikhailova on the website

Video: Youtube

Very unpleasant situations when you have embarrassed, to justify their bad photo is a bad angle, correctly chosen attire or inappropriate lighting. But it’s quite easy to fix. In your power to make your photos always reminded portfolio centerfolds.

And you don’t have to spend many hours of preparation, styling and make-up. Just take on Board some of the secrets of Hollywood stars. Remember broadcast various award ceremonies – for example, the award ceremony of the American film Academy “Oscar”. All the stars on the red carpet posing for photographers in the same spectacular and beautiful position. This is not the result of hours of training with choreographers and teachers of acting. You are also able to repeat this pose. Wear high heel shoes, go to the big mirror, where you will be visible in full growth, take a small step back and put your weight on the leg that was behind me. Now gracefully turn the body, and – voila. Are you ready to take pictures.


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However, if you are wearing a dress with a high slit, don’t forget which side of the cut: it must effectively Stripping the stem, not to go ugly on the supporting leg. Remember another little secret of professional photographers: do not stand directly in front of the camera. Full face pictures when the photo shows both ears, always turn out much worse than if you just turn your head to the side or slightly unfold the housing.

It is not necessary to put on face a fake smile in front of the camera. Better relax, think about something pleasant or remember some funny story – let your lips touch light natural smile. So your face will look natural and attractive. Try not to direct the line of sight into the floor when you are photographed, so the photo you get an ugly double chin, even if in fact there is no hint of such.

Slightly raise the head and throw a glance slightly upwards, then at the photo your eyes will appear larger and more expressive. And another secret of beautiful photos to photo to appear slimmer and taller, you just need to slightly stretch the top of the head to the ceiling. In this video beautiful posture will help to visually “throw” a couple of extra pounds at least at the time of photographing and the picture you get a much more graceful.

Now, embodying the advice received at the next photo shoot you’ll be proud to show family and friends your photos, because you can always perfect.