The scandal with North Korea’s missile: Ukrainian designers revealed details about the engines of “Satan”

The article “the Secret of success ICBMs of North Korea,” International Institute for strategic studies and an article the New York Times “the Success of a ballistic missile North Korea is associated with the Ukrainian plant, experts say” unnecessarily cast a shadow on Ukrainian enterprises Design Bureau “southern” and SE “PA “Yuzhmash”. This is stated in the press release, the Design Bureau “southern”.

KB strongly rejected the connection of the “South” and the state enterprise “Yuzhmash” with the latest successful test of Intercontinental ballistic missiles of North Korea.

“SE “CB “southern” and SE “PA “Yuzhmash”, as well as all progressive world community, are showing serious concern about the fact that North Korea rapidly developing its capacities in Intercontinental ballistic missile systems”, – stated in the KB.


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Design Bureau clarify the situation with the RD-250, the potential presence of which the DPRK has been the subject of investigation. As you know, the RD-250 was the basis of the running system of the famous of missiles R-36M, better known in the West as SS-18 “Satan.”

“Indeed, the developer of the RD-250 is the Russian company NPO “Energomash”. GP “CB “South” has never developed such engines with hypergolic components on open circuit. The RD-250 after the development was transferred to series production at the state enterprise “PO “Yuzhmash”, – stated in the KB.

As explained in the “South”, since independence Ukraine has ceased production of ballistic missiles – “no to the Russian Federation, neither for own use nor for any other country.”

So, according to a press release, since 1991, technological lines for the production of engines in the enterprise “AT the “Yuzhmash” with “characteristics similar to the RD-250” was partially dismantled.


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“Production line for ballistic missiles SS-18 and engines for them was completely destroyed. Consequently currently, the company does not have production technology for the manufacture of rocket motors specified configuration”, – stated in the KB.

In addition, KB stressed that Moscow never addressed in the “South” in relation to the creation of new versions of the missiles SS-18. “Even if that happened, then Ukraine in accordance with its international obligations, would never have been able to do it,” added KB.

“All engines, suitable for flight use, including the RD-250, left the territory of the state enterprise “PO “Yuzhmash” only in the missiles. The only engine that ever were delivered enterprise “Yuzhmash as a separate component, it is the engine VG143 for the fourth stage of the European rocket Vega”, – noted in the KB, thus confirming the previously released “Yuzhmash” information about the state of production lines.

Also in KB “southern” raise the question of how the DPRK gained access to fuel and technology, even if it was an RD-250: “Everyone knows that in Ukraine, such fuel components are not produced and not produced. This technical contradiction again casts doubt on the validity of the expert conclusions presented in these articles.”

The press release also stated that the technology of production of engines for missiles of sea basing have already been transferred to Russia, North Korea, and to link these technologies with Ukrainian companies is illogical.

We will remind, the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin, in turn, noted that cases of unjustified accusations of Ukraine of illegal arms deliveries happen at least once a year.

Later, an expert on missiles from the International Institute for strategic studies Michael Ellemann, who referred to the investigation by The New York Times, wrote in his Twitter that it did not state in his comments amerianskie edition about the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities to supply rocket engines to the DPRK.

The expert noted that he did not say about the involvement of the Ukrainian government, and considers the transfer of engines in the hands of Russian or Ukrainian smugglers.

The DPRK, despite the sanctions of the UN security Council does not stop conducting missile tests under the pretext of protecting against threats from the United States. Ballistic missiles the DPRK often fall in the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

In the last week Pyongyang and Washington exchanged a number of threatening statements. The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) reported that North Korean military is studying the possibility of a missile attack on the United States military facilities on the island of GUAM in the Western Pacific ocean. And President Donald trump has threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” if North Korea is the real threat to the United States.

The American leader said that if the DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN “do something with GUAM, North Korea will happen such an event, which the world has never seen.”

On the island of GUAM is an American air base Andersen naval base APRA Harbor.