Comments of the Bulgarian readers: “Nord stream — 2”? The EU is sawing off the branch on which it sits

Bulgarian newspaper “Dnevnik” reports that the Russian vessel to complete the “Nord stream-2” arrived in the Baltic sea. Obviously, Russia wants to build the pipeline in 2020, despite US sanctions.

It is assumed that “Nord stream-2” will consist of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year and will pass from the Russian coast via the Baltic sea to Germany. The pipeline will bypass Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, and will pass through the economic zone and territorial waters of five countries — Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The United States believes that the pipeline will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. Alternatively, Washington offers American liquefied natural gas. Bulgarian readers share their predictions: some do not believe that the pipeline will be built, others believe that the project needs Europe more than Russia, and still others offer a plan on rescue of the Russian budget.



I bet Russia will not be able to finish JS2!


These “Diary” — even those Russophobes, they published this article so people could make fun of supporters of Russia and of the Kremlin. Very meanly. This trough three months can not reach the place while it lay the pipe, Mother will have time to fall apart…


Knowing the accuracy of the work of Russian engineers, but would the pipeline not be held in France instead of Germany. But still there is hope that they hired a foreigner to head the project, otherwise at some point they will raise themselves to laugh


Russia has a better ship to complete SP2. A ship called the “Admiral Kuznetsov”, he still successfully coped with 2 Russian fighters. So a few kilometers of pipes for him as nothing to do… the Only thing I have to do is rename it to “the Coos Tubenoses”. Be achieved just two goals — and the construction of the pipeline will go, and will burn so much diesel fuel that prices for liquid fuels will rise again, and thus will be saved the Russian budget.

Dimitar Nekov

From a purely clinical interest I see malicious comments here, so I’ll have to put you on the spot the fastest and most categorical way:

1.Congratulations of journalists (hacks) “Diary” so if they don’t read the official sources, at least, they read other electronic media. Did anyone notice that yesterday Gazprom was the sole shareholder and owner of a SP2, and now five European partners suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

2. To say that the whole of Russia, Gazprom even go bankrupt as a result of the failure of SP-2 is so ridiculous that I fell out of my chair. Assholes, the price of the SP-2 is equal to the net profit of Gazprom for 10-11 months!!! Not to mention the fact that half of the money goes to the partners, led by Shell. About the “extinct” of gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” — “Gazprom” and China signed a gas supply contract for 400 billion — shout now to death!!! There’s a construction “Forces of Siberia-2”, designed “3rd” and “4th”… so the Chinese pursue their own interests, not the United States.

3. At least someone thought that these sucked from the finger conditions (transmission pipeline “independent” operator and supplier that uses 50% power), the EU “sawing off the branch on which it sits”? It is clear that this will not happen — who specifically will use the remaining 50% of the pipeline, stretching from Russia? For all suppliers outside the EU should be the same conditions — and they are unacceptable — therefore, the EU can forget about new gas pipelines from anywhere — from Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Azerbaijan!!! Since the EU has no gas, the largest field in the North sea next year to stop production because it exhausted… so:

A) the Poles should forget about the pipeline from Norway (which is NOT an EU member).

B) All of Europe will have to rely on liquefied natural gas, which will always be more expensive!!!

And all this why — to break off Russia? Once again the EU will suffer 10 times more damage, just to have someone to spoil!

Nikolay Kolev

It’s late, baby. The project was to be completed by the end of may, Gazprom had to give up 50% of the capacity of the pipes to other suppliers (so-called derogate of the third energy package). Separately Poland will submit a claim to the Antimonopoly Commission and achieve the arrest of the shares JS2, following the example of the Ukrainian Naftogaz. In addition, the US sanctions also apply to suppliers of equipment for the project. I expect a lot of interesting events and a lot of (Melo)drama. Poland was proposed to become the main supplier of liquefied natural gas in the region, so that it will not allow completing of SP2.


And then this ship will finish our Serbian stream!


Comrades, you are too early and rashly began to rejoice! If this thing could end JS2, it would have already beginning, not I’d ride here and there 3 months from port to port, like a headless fly!

comandante vs liberalni entusiasti&corporate

The United States believes that the pipeline will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. Alternatively, Washington offers American liquefied natural gas. — Looking at how American Pekingese the company proved to investors a dud and sell, stocks at a low cost, flew in the trash, for the EU there is nothing wrong to buy Russian gas, if only it were cheap!


I read a lot of reviews, but apparently something escapes me. Gazprom is trying tubing in Europe in order to enslave her as his monopoly and high prices. At the same time in Europe there are other suppliers with lower prices, so they do not need SP2. Can someone explain how exactly Gazprom obliges Europe to buy expensive gas?


Without Germany, Denmark and other countries in the region, I just don’t understand how will this project. And Russia if it wants to implement this project, will be levelled by the conditions.


Long live the Balkan stream and its masterminds! Interconnector eternal relationship with suppliers of pipes! Down with the coveted dream of compressed, liquefied and frozen hydrocarbons from other continents and planets with an atmosphere of methane! Aramco and Gazprom above all!