Trump in Saudi Arabia will announce its plans to establish an “Arab NATO”

When President trump will this week arrive in Riyadh, he will present his concept for a new structure of regional security, which officials from the White house called “Arab NATO”, which will direct the fight against terrorism and to counter Iran. The cornerstone of this plan will be a statement trump one of the largest in the history of the transaction for the sale of weapons.

Behind closed doors the administration trump and Saudi Arabia are conducting large-scale negotiations, which are headed by senior White house adviser Jared Kushner and the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Salman Ibn Muhammad (Muhammed bin Sаlman). Discussions began shortly after the presidential election, when Muhammad, whom Washington called “MS”, sent a delegation to meet with Kouchner and other assistants trump, held in trump Tower.

The Saudi leadership is deeply disappointed in the Obama administration, enthusiastically got down to business. “They are willing to put trump on America,” said a senior White house official.

Those negotiations and the next meeting two weeks later, the Saudis have offered to raise relations with the United States to a higher level and took the initiative of strengthening cooperation in the field of security, economy and investment, said officials from the White house. Team trump gave the Saudis a list of priorities of the American President and called on the Kingdom to do more to combat radical Islamic extremism, as well as to share the burden of regional security.

In recent weeks various government agencies on behalf of the administration trump develop a series of statements with which the President will speak this weekend. In this work actively involved the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. One of the main goals is to create a mechanism and underlying principles of a United Sunni coalition, which in the future will lay the Foundation for more formal organizational structures like NATO.

“We all have one enemy and we all want the same thing — said the representative of the White house. Let’s hope that this visit will change the atmosphere.”

With the idea of an “Arab NATO”, which enjoys the strong support of Riyadh, worn for many years. But until recently, the us government did not support it in the open. Officials say that this idea fits into the framework of the three basic postulates of the foreign policy concept of the trump “America first”: the assertion of American leadership in the region, the transfer of financial burden in providing security to allies and the creation of new jobs in the US (due to massive supply of weapons).

The President seeks to answer the question of how the United States would be able eventually to transfer the responsibility for regional security, countries in the region, say officials from the White house.

Reports from the region on the subject of preliminary discussions of the project said that along with Saudi Arabia, the coalition will initially include the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan, and the United States, remaining outside the Alliance will provide it with logistical support.

The white house recognizes that there is still to work out many details relating to the activities of the new Alliance. The countries of the region are numerous and very serious historical grievances, and between them there is no agreement on key issues, including what to do next in Syria. The attempt of Egypt to create in 2015 a pan-Arab military units failed due to infighting between the member countries.

“Partners of America in the field of security was waiting for these gestures, many years — said a senior researcher of the Center for American progress (Center of American Progress), Brian Katulis (Brian Katulis). — The value of such Covenant will depend on the results of his work — will he be able to achieve greater stability, to resolve conflicts in Yemen and Syria, to ensure success in the fight against terrorist groups in the region.”

The most specific component of this plan is the delivery plan of a giant shipment of American arms to Saudi Arabia, what trump will also announce in Riyadh. Final details are not yet finalized, but officials say that it will deal a total amount of from 98 to 128 billion dollars. Over 10 years, total sales could reach $ 350 billion.

These deliveries will help to significantly upgrade the ground forces and naval forces of Saudi Arabia. Their list includes warships of the coastal zone, THAAD anti-missile systems, armored personnel carriers, missiles, bombs and other ammunition. Partially manufacturing and assembling can be established in Saudi Arabia that will strengthen the plans of Salman to establish the country’s military industry. But most of the weapons and equipment from this list will do us defense contractors.

“The United States has long called for Saudi Arabia to pay more attention to their Navy, to modernize them and make them more efficient, said Anthony Cordesman (Anthony Cordesman) from the Center for strategic and international studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies). — From the point of view of the United States, the stronger will be the Saudi deterrent, the less will be the risk of a military confrontation with Iran.”

The forthcoming statement of new structure of the security and major military supplies suggests that the courting of the Saudis in the White house trump was successful, contrary to expectations. But whether this will lead to genuine stability in the region, real progress in the fight against terrorism and to the emergence of real elements of containment and deterrence of Iran? It depends on what happens after completion of foreign visit trump.

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Reader comments

Oh, Yes! Let’s create a “NATO” along with major exporter of terror to the country, where there are public executions, where the cut off hands, flog people, where there is segregation by gender, where people are executed for apostasy, blasphemy, homosexuality and adultery. Let’s create the “Arab NATO” to she sponsored extremist madrassas in Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries, disbursing tens of billions of dollars.

Create a giant Alliance of Sunni dictatorships led by Saudi Islamists, to sell them a huge pile of modern weapons in the hope that they instead of we will fight these weapons with ISIS and Iran.
Just wonderful!


Darius Aria
Like the Arabs of the Persian Gulf have committed enough crimes against humanity in Libya, Syria and Yemen.
I thought they already have the Arab army under the name ISIS.