“I’m calling the cops”: video with white fuzzies caused controversy in the network

The video shows how the cat tries to catch avtogonki in the car. The owner of the pet rides in rainy weather near the coast. But the white fluffy do not mind the rain, he was passionate about his hunting.

Video: facebook.com/pg/thedodosite

The record has collected almost 40 thousand “likes” in the network. Facebook users react differently to what is happening. Some admire: “Wow, far out”, “Give me someone a pussy”, “Just lovely”, “Cool.”


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But there are many people who accuse the driver of being irresponsible: “why is the cat not in the container?”, “Cute, but you could get into an accident”, “Idiot”, “I’m calling the police”.

In short, decide to laugh or calls to law enforcement agencies.