Worst job is injurious to health is much more than unemployment – scientists

Located in low-income or very stressful jobs people suffer in comparison with those, who is unemployed, said sobesednik.ru.

There is evidence that the quality of work is very important for health and overall mental well-being, although some studies suggest that even very good work is still better in terms of life satisfaction than its complete absence. There is also no information on whether the repeated device of a bad job is more beneficial to health and mental well-being than unemployment.

Scientists from the University of Manchester assessed the Association of different kinds of work health and chronic stress in adult residents of the UK. Monitoring with the participation of 1 116 people aged 35 to 75 years who were unemployed between 2009 and 2010, then compared with similar observations in the periods 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, when some of these people still got the job.


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Specially designed scale has helped to assess the overall job satisfaction in the key categories: the level of payment, confidence in the future, control over the circumstances, level of satisfaction and level of anxiety.

In General, the researchers found that compared with older people remaining unemployed, receiving not a very good job of the former unemployed had an increased risk of ill health across a number of areas.

Not discovered and no evidence that re-employment is of low quality associated with strengthening health and reducing the number of biomarkers, talking about chronic stress. In this case, the unemployment rate was comparatively more reliable and stable store of stress under control.