Russia wants to have another frozen conflict in the Donbas – Kuchma

The world community has the opportunity, first and foremost the United States, to implement the Budapest Protocol that Ukraine became a sovereign state. The mechanisms they have, but we still have the desire. This was at the international forum “the Dawn of Europe: the historical pattern of civilizational choice,” said the second President of independent Ukraine, representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group Leonid Kuchma.

According to him, Russia wants to have another frozen conflict in Ukraine. But more terrible than Transnistrian. Because in Russia there are no borders, and there in the Donbas.

“You know perfectly well, when Merkel’s something fundamentally trying to do there hand grab all of her… including Gerhard schröder (former Chancellor of Germany – Ed.). Know where shredder? Know how much he gets per year? Or dozens of the largest German companies working on the Russian market. For them Ukraine? I will give an example of the Budapest Memorandum. Countries in the nuclear club signed a guarantee of the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Signed by the President of America, Prime Minister of Britain, President of Russia, President of France, President of China. What do we need more? There in black and white all we need. What? I want to emphasize again, not from the participants some of the contact group problems are created. Today someone referred to the UN security Council. So what? All members of the UN security Council raised his hand for Ukraine, and one was raised against it. Today, the safeguards system is not working, that’s the main thing,” – said Leonid Kuchma.

According to him, at the meetings of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk Ukraine offers in the “channel” and “Minsk” Protocol to perform the first paragraphs: to announce silence regime, the withdrawal of foreign troops, ie Russian who are there, bring all kinds of heavy weapons, exchange prisoners all for all.

“They (Russia – ed.) say: no, that’s all secondary, that we should hold elections, elect a “power”, and then everything else we do. Tell me, is practically in the occupied territories to hold elections when there is a 40-strong at least group of illegal formations? When there is a lot of heavy weapons more than our military? When there are constant convoys of “humanitarian goods” of Russian weapons, not in stores, as they buy it”, – said the President.

We will remind, according to the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees of protection and security from the US, UK and Russia. However, in 2014 Russia itself invaded Ukraine, and signers of the Memorandum in any way, it can not hurt.