The ears of the “Russian world” in Ukraine

You are naive to think that the French in 1812 killed outright “Russian winter”? This is another myth of the “Russian world”. British historian, writer and journalist Niall Ferguson remarked that Napoleon was defeated not cold winters, and scorched-earth tactics, which successfully used the descendants of the Horde. Civilized the French are banned in the army looting and purchasing products on the way their troops from local farmers, was in no way prepared for what white Russian, even many spoke French, would be such barbarians and burn not only in Moscow. The slogan “do not get you to anybody”, and later brought Ostrovsky to show the depth of depravity of the “Russian soul” — “all of them” for the Imperials.

View of Russian folklore. It is a mirror of the nation. “After us the deluge” and “on our century will suffice” is in addition to the expression “does not get you to anybody”. And it is especially annoying when all these barbaric feudal Horde thing as well acute in the Ukrainian land. No, I’m not talking about the invaders and “militia”. And talking about how their deputies, officials, prosecutors and judges.

Odessa oblast — the territory near the sea, where many estuaries. Estuary is a body of water that once was the mouth of the river, and then due to various reasons it was cut off from the big water. The Northern black sea coast — the land of the estuaries.

Estuaries can be salty, very salty, almost bland and even bitter. Almost everyone kept their old Turkic name. Typically, each Lyman of Odesa region is a unique ecosystem, and often a separate medical complex.

National natural Park “Tuzlovsky limans”, located on the same estuaries, and includes the Lebedev forest and the long sand spit along the Black sea coast is also suffering from a scorched-earth policy and “does not get you to anybody” in the literal and figurative meaning of these two idioms. The thing is that at the time of the creation of the Park in early 2010-th year, the local princes laid eyes on the natural reserve Fund, and as soon as came to power Viktor Yanukovych Yanukovosch, began his active and unscrupulous deribanit. And still didn’t stop (!)

Very soon, on a sand spit increased industrial fisheries that catch valuable fish from red-listed white sturgeon to traditional mullet, which comes by the ton in local estuaries in the season. Fisheries supplemented by gostinichny and private dachas. And the right to the income from such fishing would go to the regional budget there or local community. No! It is a personal cash individuals.

Local environmentalists beat all the bells, gathered all the facts of violation of nature protection legislation, passed the materials to law enforcement. After all, according to the Water code of Ukraine the 100-meter zone from the water’s edge is a national treasure and can not be built on. And then the fences, industrial fishing and hotel with “Vladimirskiy Central” from the speakers at full volume.

Law enforcement took all the documents and violations of the laws of Ukraine, and then… and then just milked the owners of this illegal and criminal “Paradise” on the spit. That’s all. Another test, another officials, another with the mercy obtained by poaching the fish, which, incidentally, is also public property of Ukrainians, as a sandy spit, and Lebedev forest, and estuaries around.

Vicious circle. Fish at the age of poachers enough. Ugly fences, concrete slabs on white sand and wild hotels and industrial refrigerators for fish — this is the tactic vyzhennoy land. Fed poachers, posing as “hereditary fishermen”, and contrite that environmentalists prevent them to work and to live — this is “Russian world” in the most obvious of its manifestations. Saliutna cult movies like “peculiarities of national fishing” and “peculiarities of national hunting” with their jokes and kulturkoy — is the true face of local feudal lords. “Russian world” and “adenhart” the joy of [email protected] and his parebriki.

What is Europe, sorry. Orcs, stupid orcs, devastating the land, the sea and the subsoil. After them the deluge. Same story with the Burshtyn in Western Ukraine, the same with forest in the Carpathians with the construction of a new hydroelectric station on the Dniester.

Do we want then our children lived on a scorched earth? That is the question. And it is not rhetorical.