Will the benefit of new anti-Russian sanctions?

The West continues to implement his anti-Russian maneuvers, and instrument for this is the extension of economic sanctions. All of this is aimed at to affect the degree of Russia’s participation in world issues, “to shorten the claws of the Russian bear” and to prevent the spread of Russian influence in strategically important regions in difficult conditions of global competition, which on the one hand is the “frail old bear”, and on the other — growing forces willing to occupy a place in the sun.

The American President during his election campaign claimed that he admired the Russian Chapter has demonstrated its willingness to reconsider its relations with Russia and increase the level of diplomatic interaction that emerged under Obama. But the other day he signed a decree on the extension of economic sanctions, thus pushing Russian-American relations to an extremely dangerous point.

On the American sanctions, the Kremlin answered serious political step, which resulted in 755 expulsion of American diplomats from Russia. In fact, it means that Russian-American relations have reached the lower limits.

Despite the fact that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has tried to soften the effect of the decision of Putin, saying that Washington is ready to dialogue on some of the world’s problems, analysts see the Russian response to us sanctions Russia’s desire to sever ties with the US and European countries. The latter also decided to extend sanctions for six months because of the actions of Russia, which Europe presented the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian question. At the same time, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov was more straightforward in his statements and said the new us sanctions against Russia does not leave the possibility for improving relations in the near future, and only lead to uncertainty.

In fact, the new anti-sanctions can be interpreted in different ways, but they all rested in an attempt to influence the political position of Russia. However, you may notice that every time the US and European countries choose the path of sanctions, Russia only benefits from this, and its position on the world stage strengthened. At the same time we should not forget about the negative impact of economic sanctions. Here we should recall the statement of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who described sanctions as “a full-fledged trade war against the country” and stated that the consequences of the last decade. Economic sanctions imposed on any country, cannot but have negative consequences and are expressed at least in higher inflation, depreciation of the local currency and the decline in revenue from foreign trade. Despite the fact that the US and European countries that adopted the decision on sanctions, have the most significant economic potential in the world, the extension of the “blockade” for another three years will prove that Moscow survived the attack and have adapted to live in such conditions, and forced Western countries to reconsider their views on sanctions. Already some European States are trying to circumvent the decisions of the EU. New French President Emmanuel macron said that he wanted to build strong ties with Moscow, but this is impossible in conditions of the existence of the barrier in the form of economic sanctions that were imposed by France on Russia in the framework of an EU-wide solution. Italy is also seeking to ease sanctions and actively opposes their extension. All this demonstrates that Russia had successfully overcome the economic blockade, without losing its position in the world community.

With regard to the Syrian problem, Russia proves I made the right decision by siding with the Syrian regime in its confrontation of armed groups. In these circumstances it is not surprising that in recent times there have been calls for peace talks, a prerequisite of which is the preservation of Bashar Assad as President.

To put in a number of Russia, Iran and North Korea, bringing them to the list of countries which will be subject to sanctions, was a wrong step by the administration trump. Russia has supported sanctions against North Korea for testing ballistic missiles that forced trump to Express words of gratitude to Moscow for this position and only once again confirmed the skill of the Russian side.


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Economic sanctions, which Russia suffered in 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea, located mainly in the Ukraine, proved to be ineffective in achieving the purposes for which they were used, in particular, to deter Russian actions in the international arena. For three years it has become clear that Russia has become a target of world leaders and diplomatic representatives. At the same time, Moscow periodically, making decisions about what should happen and what not, turned out to be the diplomatic place of worship. And it is those countries that participated in the decision about sanctions more just consult with Russia and look for its solution in order to support them or reject.

Weapons in the form of sanctions used against Russia three years ago gave her the opportunity to strengthen, becoming a real factor of economic growth. The policy of sanctions should continue, despite the fact that this is an inefficient step. Western countries are choosing the wrong strategy, exacerbating the situation and putting into practice the policy that leads to war. This friction is not included in the interests of Moscow as a result of all of this are the global economic crisis, which equally affect both poor and rich.