How many hours you need to sleep to be healthy and vigorous

A good night’s sleep that lasts no less than seven hours, which is important for our health. Of course, there are days when sleep does not work for one reason or another, but that scientists should not become a habit. Short sleep may mean a shorter life, and this means that you need to train yourself to stay on time and not to sit until late at night.

Dangerous than the regular lack of sleep, said Matthew Walker, head of the Center for sleep studies at the University of California. Scientist have spent many years trying to figure out the positive and negative side of sleep. The experience gathered he published in his book “Why we sleep: new data about sleep and dreams.”


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    He notes that lack of sleep can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and mental disorders. Many people simply do not think about what the consequences can be so serious, and continue to devote to sleep not as much time as you need.

    Walker also examined what people think about the amount of sleep they need, and others. It turned out that society has often associated the eight-hour (and longer) sleep with laziness, idleness and other aspects of behavior that are not too welcome in the modern world. This helps to ensure that people do not allow themselves to sleep a lot, associating this time with the rest and recovery, and to idleness.

    The scientist said that humans are the only beings who can forgo sleep for other purposes, but it is better not to do and sleep is not neglected. The mode is really important – it is better to go to bed and get up at the same time that the body used to it and were preparing to rest.