The Bitcoin exchange rate broke a new historical record

The rate of Bitcoin continues to break records. Two weeks Bitcoin has risen by 50% up to 4 $ 200.

Just yesterday, 13 August, the rate rose to 4, 000 dollars., reaching the next record. Thus, for the week Bitcoin went up by $ 900. (+ 27%). And if you take into account the measure two weeks ago, when Bitcoin was trading around 2 800 USD, then the value of cryptocurrency increased by 50% (or 1 400 dollars).

Weaker results from another popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, which was not able to beat your June record of $ 401. Last week, the air has reached the level of 316 USD. returning later to a price of about $ 300. For a week the air has risen by 13%.


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In accordance with the exchange according to coinmarketcap, the total value of all cryptocurrency at the weekend reached a record 137 billion. And capitalization of the Bitcoin total amount at that time exceeded 69 billion dollars.

Recall that the blockchain of Bitcoin to 1 August were separated into two chains (hardwork), and resulted in two currencies – the “classic” Bitcoin (BTC) and a new Bitcoin to Cash (BCC, or BCH).