And the evidence of collusion trump and Russia and no

Where is the evidence of the collusion of the President of trump with Russia?

The newspaper the Wall Street Journal, which does not belong to the fans of trump, called the instructions of the Ministry of justice special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller (Robert Mueller) vague, lengthy and inefficient. These instructions are not given, no Federal law, and they call for the selection of compromising materials on trivial issues. Covering this topic, journalists argue among themselves about what to do Mueller to lead the investigation of links between staff of the President of trump and Russian representatives, or to investigate possible coordination between the environment trump and officials from Russia?

Manic political hysteria today gave birth to the following facts on the “Regato”. Have associated with the headquarters of the trump entities had contacts with the Russians, partly improper. Trump company, like other builders of a posh estate, made deals and did business with wealthy Russian buyers. Trump has condemned Putin during his campaign and expressed the hope (shared by many people from across the political spectrum) to improve relations.

But these facts do not shed virtually no light on the collusion between the RNC and the Russian government to ensure victory Trump. Witness the deafening silence of the opponents of the trump. Here he writes in National Review’s Jim Gerraghtys (Jim Geraghty):

We must assume that the counterintelligence of the FBI are closely watching Russian agents in our land. You can imagine that the NSA is able to track all electronic correspondence and communication between Russians and people from the headquarters of the trump. If there was something sinister and illegal… the us government would have all the incentive to ensure that as soon as you can to expose it.

Many figures and publications agree that in the chain of events related to “possible collusion between Russia and the headquarters of the trump”, there is no evidence of collusion. Democrat Maxine waters (Maxine Waters), the house of representatives recognizes the lack of evidence of a conspiracy, as Senator from the Democratic party Dianne Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein). Can’t see them and a sworn enemy of trump Republican Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham). Fox political analyst Brit Hume (Brit Hume) said Sunday that he never in all his long career did not see that the charges are so ahead of the available evidence. Columnist for Rolling Stone leftist Matt Taibbi (Matt Taibbi), calling trump “the insane clown President”, said: “Despite the almost daily leaks of information organized by anonymous sources, we don’t know whether there was collusion between the headquarters of the trump and the Russian state”.

Smoke without fire, so follow the smoke, not the fourth amendment

The New York Times in its editorial parries statements about the absence of evidence as follows: “the Known facts indicate the presence of an unusually large (emphasis added — ed. TRANS.) network of relations with major foreign powers.” What is the logic of the paper? That contacts the surrounding trump with the Russian people it is quite sufficient reason to begin an investigation. Where there is smoke there may be fire. So investigate, investigate and investigate until something will not find.

The argument that “the smoke justifies the investigation,” contrary to the centuries-old practice of common law and the requirement of the fourth amendment on “sufficient evidence, confirmed by the oath or solemn Declaration.” Aware of this discrepancy with the law, Deputy Prosecutor General Rosenstein referred to the “unique circumstances” and “public interest” to justify the appointment of special commissioners in this case. Taibbi, in a rush of frankness does not agree with him: “the Liberal thinkers have long abhor secret courts, secret surveillance and secret evidence, and urged the media to refrain from publishing unverified and unverifiable accusations emanating from these secret sources. But since we are talking about Donald trump, as if anyone cares.”

If trump can start unlimited time and resources hunting with the collection of any incriminating evidence, then who will be next? What if the Republicans at the time made a similar investigation of the relations of Barack Obama with hostile to the American system personalities, such as bill Ayers (Bill Ayers), Reverend Wright, Eddie Wyatt (Addie Wyatt) and Frank Marshall Davis (Frank Marshall Davis)? The biggest difference I do not see here, except the media would be on the side of Obama, the Democratic party has called for unity against the odds.

What is this “vast network of relationships” trump?

The inventory of “smoke” coming from trump and Russia, made of these things. A distant associate of trump allegedly communicated with the hacker (or hacker group) Guccifer 2.0. (How he did it, I don’t know.) Maxine waters suggested that Russian propagandists were trained trump. Others speak of 18 contacts between the headquarters of the trump and Russia over the last seven months of the campaign (exploration called these contacts are harmless). At the head of the “smoke” list is paid for the speech of the trump adviser Michael Flynn (43 thousand dollars) (which did not report his perfectly legitimate conversation with the Russian Ambassador). The last puff of smoke is the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort, who worked as a consultant for the unpleasant Ukrainian/Russian politicians and oligarchs.

Three contacts per month as it is not pulling in “huge network”. Note that at the headquarters of Hillary Clinton during the campaign was “many meetings” with Russian officials, including Ambassador Kislyak. Bill Clinton in 2010 said in a speech to the Russian oligarchs for 500 thousand dollars. Powerful lobbying organization, the Podesta Group Democrats in 2016 took from associated with Kremlin Bank 170 thousand dollars for their lobbying activities in favor of the lifting of sanctions. And in 2015 she made of Uranium One 60 thousand dollars for lobbying major uranium deal in the interests of Russia. Manafort sent their wealthy Ukrainian/Russian clients at the Podesta Group, which in its lobbying work took them more than a million dollars. The heavyweight of the Democratic party lanny Davis (Lanny Davis) represented the interests of the exiled oligarch, who was also a client of Manafort. Yeah, the Washington political quagmire bottomless, and inter-party incest there are common.

Trump was the deal with Russian real estate. So what?

Speaking of vicious chain-Russia trump, The New York Times pointing to his “extensive commercial and personal relationships with those close to the policy of the Russian businessmen” concerning luxury real estate in new York and Miami. Referred to business relations trump with Russia relate mainly to the pre-sanctions period to “reset” that was Obama and Clinton. Restrictions on business with Russia was introduced in April 2014 and are to this day. They apply only to firms and people affected by the sanctions.

The New York Times somehow does not inform us that international trade is dominated by luxury real estate to wealthy Russians, Chinese and Arabs from the Gulf countries. From there, more than a third of all billionaires in the world. So there should be no shock and discontent at the fact that trump company even long before he had presidential ambitions sold 63 holders of Russian passports and addresses trompowsky real estate in Florida by almost $ 100 million. If The New York Times wants to accuse trump of links with shady oligarchs, it should just reprimand dealers real estate in London’s Belgravia, the French Riviera, Switzerland and Dubai.

The political and media establishment with discontent and disgust looking at a rough wrestling international business. But he closed his eyes when al Gore (Al Gore) sold his environmental TV channel Al Jazeera for $ 70 million when the Clinton Foundation received $ 100 million from associated with Russia uranium tycoon, when the headquarters of bill Clinton’s got almost 400 thousand dollars from the Chinese, or when career politicians after retirement work in lobbying firms in Washington, getting millions.

And what about the Russian hacker attacks against the National Committee of the Democratic party?

The standard argument of the enemies of the trump rambling on about his ties with Russia, is as follows. 17 national security departments are United in the opinion that the Russian government has ordered to carry out hacking hacking and publish the correspondence of the Committee, through WikiLeaks, to help the Buddha to defeat Hillary Clinton.

It is likely that Russian hackers (FSB, foreign intelligence officers or hired criminals) broke into the computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party. But the mysterious world of Russian cyber operations thwarts all attempts of cyberexperts in Russia to find the culprits. And even harder to get into the brain to Putin. Any scout, pretending that he understands Putin shmooballs. We can assess only the Russian state media, which in the beginning of the campaign spread stories about what the election of Hillary Clinton would mean a third world war. And when Clinton took the lead, and victory began to seem inevitable, the Russian reporting has become neutral or even favorable to Clinton. Russian analysts and pundits called Clinton the known value, in victory for Moscow, which few of the pros. On the other hand, the unpredictability and inexperience of trump, as well as his statements in favor of increasing military spending has caused concern among some Russian analysts.

Putin’s leak to WikiLeaks was by God’s grace, whoever becomes the winner. WikiLeaks has exposed the flaws of American democracy, which could be exploited. The outcome of the American elections decide favorites and is dedicated to fulfilling the order of Soros, Goldman Sachs and Saudi Arabia. The establishment is satisfied with election fraud, acting against “people’s” candidates such as Bernie Sanders. If the critics start talking about how enriched Putin’s entourage, it is enough to remember the antics of the Clinton Foundation. If we complain about it to the state media, it is enough to tell about the warm relations between the leading mass media of the USA and the Democratic party.

The essence of the conspiracy?

Those who believe in the collusion and cooperation on the principle of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, needs to explain how it all works. Well-known political scientist Bruce Bueno De Mesquita (Bueno De Mesquita Bruce) explained why it is very difficult to organize and successfully implement a conspiracy among parties with different goals. Collusion trump Putin would be especially incredible.

Any arrangement probably would have collapsed even before beginning to act. Trump, though new in politics, but he understood that Putin is not in a position to influence the American elections with the participation of 538 electors, which are in the form of donations invested almost two billion dollars. Trump is well aware that working abroad Putin’s news media have a tiny audience in the United States, and the negative image of Russia would cost him a considerable number of votes. Though Clinton received more money for its campaign, trump has found ways to conduct and broadcast presidential debates, and skillfully took advantage of that. In short, Putin could offer him very little. And in case of victory tramp could abandon pre-election promises.

In the first months of the administration to trump, it became clear that it is not in Putin’s interests. He appointed to key positions in the foreign Ministry hard opponents of Putin. He removed restrictions on drilling imposed by Obama (Clinton would probably have saved them). There are no indications that anti-Russian sanctions will be lifted. If Putin struggled helped Trump to win, it turns out that trump, as President, had denied him, and so the Russian leader is going to avenge him.

Shame on you!

Lawyer Joseph Welch (Joseph Welch) during the hearings McCarthy and the army put an end to the era of McCarthyism, asking McCarthy, who was unjustly ruined the reputation of his young colleagues: “Do you not have a shred of decency, sir?” Today we see how used, the practice of guilt by Association. Last week the media found “interested person” within the administration trump. On Sunday they called his name: Michael Caputo (Caputo, Michael). He worked at the headquarters of the trump, and had ties with Russia. Is the media leading the witch hunt against anyone who is somehow connected with Russia and with the trump?

In this case, I am also under suspicion. I have 45 years in research of the Soviet and Russian economy, and I have extensive ties with Russia. I participated in the Congress on the review of the failures of Soviet intelligence. In the Hoover Institute I am associated with people who worked on the transition team trump. I am familiar with his important appointees. I also worked for a short time foreign policy adviser, another appointee of the trump holding a high position in office. I have published several articles criticizing Clinton and sometimes have the audacity to stand up for trump. What, am I next?