Syria — the field of testing Russian weapons

Russian armed forces continue to use destructive weapons on the territory of Syria, where for five years there is a bloody war, and they are not worried about the future of this country. For the Kremlin it is much more important to demonstrate to the world its military might and weapons.

As the country’s leader, President Vladimir Putin said that Syria is the test case for Russian weapons, although it never ceases to make statements about what “Russian bear” propping up “Syrian lion” in suppressing the revolution.

This time another test of the Russian military equipment has affected airspace. So, according to the company “Helicopters of Russia”, Moscow intends to send to Syria to test your updated helicopter.

Helicopter Mi-28UB

The company’s General Director Andrey Boginsky noted that the purpose of modernization of the helicopter is to make it combat training, and management could be carried out of the two cabins.

In an interview with Russian TV channel “Zvezda” Boginsky expressed the hope that the test of the helicopter Mi-28UB, which started in 2010, will happen in the airspace of Syria.

One of the employees of the company responsible for the development of modifications, noted that eight helicopters of this type will be transferred to the Russian air force this year, not mentioning the exact date.

The new helicopter is a modernized version of Night hunter combat helicopter Mi-28N, it has a dual control system, combat ability retained. It can be used for shelling enemy positions, but his main area of use is the training of pilots.

Bag with Russian weapons

From the beginning of the war in Syria, the Russian military Arsenal was involved in the fighting between Russia supporting the Assad regime and the units of the Syrian armed opposition.

Thus, Moscow used in Syria the most advanced weapons, which is represented in the TOP 5 best Russian weapons, first used in Syria — the list published by the Agency “Sputnik”. First place was taken by the modern multifunctional fighter su-35, despite the fact that it was put into operation in 2015, i.e. a year before the Russian air force in Syria received four fighters of this type.

For example, these fighters can draw conclusions about the Russian approach to the promotion of military products, through which was brought to the attention of potential customers from around the world.

A variety of weapons

Russia has continued to surprise the world, when in October 2015 unveiled a new cruise missile, called “Calibre”, and is capable of precisely striking targets at a distance of hundreds of miles.

Then a few of these rockets were launched from Russian warships in the Caspian sea. Their goal were the positions of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Syria. The missiles hit right on target, since the ability to hit naval targets at a distance of 350 kilometers, and the objects located on the land, at a distance of 2600 kilometers.

No less a strong position in a number of Russian weapons occupied the strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160, known as the “White Swan”.

This aircraft used as weapons in the Russian nuclear deterrence. Its speed exceeds the speed of sound, and he can fly 14 thousand kilometers without refueling. The high efficiency of the bomber was demonstrated during trials in Syria, which was also used high-precision cruise missiles.

Rocket launchers also were involved in trials in Syria. We are talking about heavy flamethrower TOS-1A, known as the “Sun”. The high efficiency of these flamethrowers were shown during the war in Syria, especially in mountainous areas.

As for the BTR-82A, it is equipped with automatic cannon 30 mm and a 7.62 mm machine gun, has an electronic guidance system, which can fire at night. The BTR-82A was tested in Syria.