Lech Walesa: it is better for Poland to buy gas from Russia, not from USA (Dir, Bulgaria)

Commenting on the decision of the Warsaw 2022 to abandon the purchase of Russian gas, replacing it partially liquefied natural gas from the US, former Polish President Lech Walesa in an interview with TASS on Wednesday said that it will be much more expensive complements the BTA.

“The distance from Moscow to Warsaw is shorter than from new York. It can not be expensive. Why do we need it? Why buy expensive if you can instead raise wages. But due to the fact that we are unable to agree, due to the fact that we do not trust each other, we are saving themselves as they can and buy from the United States,” he said.

Poland consumes some 18 billion cubic meters of gas per year. A few years ago, Warsaw has announced that it will no longer renew with Russia’s Gazprom its long-term gas supply contract after the expiration of its term in 2022.

The contract provides for the possibility of the country to 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Polish authorities say they have found a way to abandon Russian gas by buying liquefied natural gas from Qatar and the United States. Also they are counting on the Baltic Pipe pipeline which is expected to link Poland with the Norwegian gas fields, passing through the territory of Denmark.