Russian “the Hunger games” turned out to be fake

Game2: Winter had become the most extreme reality show in the world. It was assumed that 30 people will be without any rules to survive in the conditions of Russian Siberia. Too good to be true. And it wasn’t true.

Participants were asked to name the last day of may. Swedish candidate mats Goldberg almost got in their lineup was full of hope.

But instead, it turned out that the whole project Game2: Winter was a fake, a PR stunt, designed to demonstrate how to get into the field of view of the media. We and many other publications fell for this hook.

The founder of the project of the Russian bard’s tale today released a video in which he said that all the competition is a hoax. Matsu had known about it before everyone else.

“I’m very depressed and in some way feel that me and other candidates just used. Clearly, many will say: “I told you so”, but others, I among them, first and foremost upset that nothing came of it,” commented mats in a press release.

The March from Auschwitz instead

Mats a few months collecting votes, specially organized a few trips. On his page on Facebook he wrote that the news that the whole project was a fake, he was angry.

“Instead, I will hold a death March from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen, to draw attention to the fact how important it is to always remember the events of the Second world war.”

During the Second world war the grandfather of the mats was captured and was sent to Siberia. This was one of the reasons why Ista would like to participate in a reality show.