Lucas di Grassi: “the Future of Formula E seems to me a very sweet”

Championship 2016-2017 year ended in a dramatic way at the end of last week in the streets of Montreal, when he, being behind, began to overtake and was able to eventually win the world title. This happened a 12 months after he conceded victory to his main rival Sebastien Buemi (Sebastien Buemi), only slightly losing it.

“It’s an amazing feeling, couldn’t be better — it’s as if the dream has become a reality,” said a clearly agitated di Grassi after the Sunday races of the ePrix. I’m so happy for the team (Schaeffler Audi Sport ABT) and myself. We, in fact, deserve it”.

The victory was so sweet for DJ Gussie especially because he was very close to her during the London stage in the Park Battersea Park last year, whereas in previous season he remained in third place.

This 32-year-old racer from Sao Paulo is the driving force behind Formula E — first he signed a contract to participate in this series, he won the first race in September 2014 and 20 times occupied a place on the podium, which is a record.

This season, di Grassi added a new Chapter in the annals of his victories — he heroically won in Mexico city, where in the early stages of the race were among the latter. And then there was Berlin, where he finished the race with a fractured fibula.

Di Grassi from the beginning is one of the most active supporters of Formula E, he has become a witness of how these races who had earlier been in the dark, have reached the heights of mainstream Motorsport.

“Formula E is developing with amazing speed since its first season,” said di Grassi in an interview with CNN.

“It just seems unbelievable what has been achieved over the three years. Today we have the largest number of automobile manufacturers, in comparison with any other racing series in the world, and in the fourth, fifth and sixth season, their representation will only increase… I see only a bright future,” he added.

The “Rise” Of The Formula E

This is a wonderful time for the only world championship for electric racing cars, and so sponsorship money rolling in, and producing the cars stand in a queue in order to join this racing series.

Firm Jaguar was the first to put their cars on the starting grid, the BWM is going to join in 2018, and the German auto giants Mercedes and Porsche recently filed an application to participate in 2019. Even Ferrari is considering its participation, which was announced by CEO Sergio Marchionne (Sergio Marchionne).

It all sounds like music to the ears of Alejandro Agag (Alejandro Agag), one of the founders and CEO of Formula E.

“I believe it was the season of the rise of Formula E, given the attention all new members — said Agag. — I think last weekend showed we finished the season on a high note, as Lucas broke from the rear ranks and won the drivers ‘ championship, while Renault company (eDams) kept in your well-deserved championship team.”

Four-time world champion Formula 1 Alain Prost, under whose leadership the company today eDams Renault won three consecutive titles, I agree with Agaga.

“In the first season we could not expect the participation of so many sponsors and such great success,” said Simple in an interview with CNN.

“Everyone knows now about the existence of races of Formula E. we Have a concept, and this proved to be very successful. For me it was a big surprise,” added the Frenchman.

In addition to the track, Formula E helps to provide a meeting place for those cities that want to change the perception about electric cars that support cleaner transport agenda — all found in Montreal Nicki shields (Nicki Shields), a leading television show “Supercharged” on CNN.

“Formula E has a lot of support from the mayor (Denis Coderre), said shields. — He wants to use his town as an example of the green technologies introduction… and that this involved other city around the world.”

Many automakers are also shifting their focus away from traditional internal combustion engines. Swedish company Volvo last month took another step in that direction and has announced that all their vehicles from 2019 will be either electric or hybrid.

Before the race series Formula E in new York, shields saw how the local government is headed by bill de Blasio is changing the Park municipal vehicles, converting them from natural gas to hybrid or fully electric engines — including the city’s famous police patrol car.

“The ability to have vehicles with low exhaust, be it police cars, or any other, enables people to see them and get used to think that we now need to commit the more significant shift toward such vehicles in the future,” said mark chambers (Mark Chambers), the Director of the Department of municipality development in the “Supercharged” by CNN.

“We set a goal of 2 thousand electric vehicles or cars and low-emission by 2025, and we have already passed half of the way. We have today thousands of these cars, and you can see them everywhere in the city.”

“Formula E will show that electric cars are reliable, and are less likely to have an impact on the environment — as you know, 30% of greenhouse gases accounted for by passenger cars and trucks”, — he said.

All this work with a more clean vehicles will contribute to achieving more ambitious goals in line with the Paris climate agreement and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. De Blasio continues to focus on these indicators, despite the statement of the President of trump on the withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty of Paris. “The decision of trump was not a big surprise — said chambers. We knew and were prepared for the fact that new York will be forced to take additional measures.”

“The next day after the failure of trump’s participation in the Treaty of Paris, de Blasio signed a deal and we got right to work. We take it all very seriously.”

After successfully completing their third season of Formula E may with confidence look forward in the direction of a fourth championship.

All 14 scheduled races of the ePrix, as they will begin with a dual race in December in Hong Kong.

In addition to such traditional locations as Buenos Aires and Paris, the competition of electric cars will be held in February 2018 in the streets of the Chilean capital Santiago, and then a month in Sao Paulo, and in may, Formula E will take Rome.

“The pace of development of the Formula E is just incredible,” said shields.

“I am involved in this business from the very first race of the first season, which was held in Beijing in 2014, and the more cities we visit, the more we have become admiring fans.”