TOP 8 driving habits that kill the car and empty wallet

With increasing experience of any of the driver there is a number of habits that are not always good. Moreover, the more experienced the driver is, the harder it is to get rid of them, writes AdMe.

1. Rest your hand on the gear lever

Many people have the habit of putting your hand on the gear lever, if it stand. It is not worth doing though, because behind the wheel should keep both hands. From such slight but constant load in the box mixed with synchromesh gears, which degrades shifting.

2. Refuel only when the tank is almost empty

When the machine is idle, the fuel tank accumulates solids, the sediment appears at the bottom. This dirt gets into the fuel pump, causing damage to him and filters. In the winter you must leave at least half a tank of fuel to avoid formation of large amounts of condensate. The water in the tank in the winter can lead to its deformation and other troubles.

3. Often to slow down

Keep your distance and move with flow, what is taught in driving schools. But if you slow down without the need of, prepare for regular replacement of brake pads and disks. To avoid unpleasant situation on the road, you should promptly replace the brake hoses and monitor the brake fluid level.

4. To ignore sounds unnatural

A slight creaking sound, unusual noises is a signal about a malfunction. Many people ignore these signs, and as a result, with the car happens to be something unpleasant at an inopportune moment. If the machine emits unnatural it sounds, you need to run diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem.

5. Not to use the handbrake

If you put a car with automatic transmission on the slopes, the entire burden falls on the lock gear of the output shaft of the box. To successfully Park on an incline, hold the foot brake pedal and switch box in Park, pull the e-brake and then slowly release the brake pedal.

6. To squeeze high revs on a cold engine

Most modern engines do not need warming up. But it is worth remembering that until the arrow will not rise to operating temperature, it is impossible to squeeze more than 2 thousand revs. In freezing temperatures you can wait 1-2 minutes after you started the car, and start driving.

7. To keep your foot on the brake on the slopes

Many always keep a foot on the brake pedal while driving down to be ready to brake at any moment. This leads to overheating of the brake system and brake pad wear and disc. Instead, you need to switch to a lower gear to have engine braking.

8. Not to inspect the vehicle before and after trip

A new feature of thieves — open car with coins. They insert a coin in the door handle on the passenger side as the drivers rarely pay attention to it, when alone. Later, when you close the car, the FOB will work but Central locking does not lock and the machine will remain open. Be careful and cautious.

We will remind, earlier Toyota invented a new type of transmissionthat combines features of manual and automatic transmissions. The unit requires a manual gear change, but does not allow to be mistaken with their choice.