Turkey is surrounded by Russia

Open the map and view.

In the North we were neighbors across the sea with Ukraine. Closest to the Turkey land on the opposite shore of the Black sea Crimean Peninsula. The Russians occupied it.

In the North-East is our neighbor — Georgia. Russia swallowed two Autonomous regions of Georgia, that is a significant part of her land.

In the East we border with Armenia. Thanks to the “strategic Alliance/total defense system” in the country is full of Russian military bases. The government of Yerevan became unable to breathe without asking permission of the Russians.

Iran, our neighbour in the South-East, did what he had never done: to conduct joint operations in Syria, he opened his airport to Russian military aircraft.

The situation in Syria, with which we have the longest border in the South, you know. If today Assad administration is still on his feet, that it owes Russia. Before the civil war in Syria, the Russian military presence in the country was limited. Now they have become almost the “main supplier” of the army of Assad. Created the military air, sea, land base.

In the North of Syria, in areas under the control of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) people’s protection Units (YPG), which Turkey calls a branch of the separatist terrorist organization the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), the Russian military presence was negligible. Recently, in response to the threat of the government of the party of justice and development party (AKP) “we enter in Manbij,” the PYD — YPG has transferred control of the Russian-Assad military. Aleppo and so control of the Russian-Assad forces.

In the South economic relations the Greek part of Cyprus with Russia, about the manipulation of the economy with the help of Russian offshore accounts heard, that is, even the deaf Sultan.

In the West, the Russian influence began to manifest itself even in Bulgaria which is one of the newest members of the EU. In the presidential elections in Bulgaria, held last November, won very close to Russia candidate, former air force commander rumen Radev (Rumen Radev).

Of all the neighbors, Turkey is the least Russian influence is felt in Greece. But relations with Greece in the period of AKP is known. It is a policy in which, on the one hand, in silent response to the hoisting of the Greek flag on the 18 disputed Islands in the Aegean sea, but equip the head of the General staff and the commanders of all forces to come from afar to watch the Cardak and capture it on film. (We won’t go into the details of the latest developments in Cardak, not wanting anyone to “worry”…)

In short, Turkey has been quietly “surrounded” Russia as a result of events that seem unrelated to each other.

But the problem is not only in this “girdling from the outside.” There are “internal” part of the process.

Turkey has for many years implemented a policy of “diversifying energy sources”. Turkey, which for large emerging economy is in dire need of energy for years sought to diversify their sources of supply and not depend on one country.

And what we came up with as a result of policies pursued in recent years?
The largest supplier of Turkey in the field of natural gas — Russia and the second largest supplier is Iran, one of the main allies of Russia.

Under the guise of “diversification of sources of energy”, Turkey has started to build the first nuclear power plant: the tender was given to Russia.

Turkey said will be the “energy corridor” and on the agenda one after another began to emerge of the pipeline projects; most projects proposed in the period of the AKP, was initiated by Russia or are somehow connected with Russia.

After all of the above think again about the destruction of the Russian plane, killing the Russian Ambassador, the death of three Turkish soldiers in an attack of Russian aviation.

Remember, as a result of these developments, the AKP government has been squandered and has changed its policy.

Challenging the “higher mind” and advocating for “domestic and national”, you must also see what others are doing “higher minds”…