Putin finally doing in Syria what you need

It seems that Vladimir Putin has again captured in Syria a strategic height and initiative. Yesterday, he said after talks with Donald trump, Turkey and Iran, he in General has secured the agreement of the parties on the question of the establishment in different parts of Syria for humanitarian safe zones.

The Russian President claims that he can get the work concluded a few weeks ago in Astana the truce, which is still a complete fiction. For this, he wants to create a no-fly zone, provided that the Russian, Turkish, Iranian and American forces will carry out ground protection of the safe zones. Fortunately, however, he acknowledges that a UN force may also be required.

No matter how hard to agree with Putin after six years of civil war, more than 500 000 deaths, countless chemical attacks and the practical destruction of the country if President trump will be able to use the Geneva process and to bring the situation to a democratic settlement, I, for my part, is ready to give them a chance to offer their support and cooperation. I also call upon our Prime Minister to take a key role and to use our significant diplomatic and military options to help this devastated country.

The concept of safe zones suggests that the vast majority of Syrians want to stay in Syria or to return to Syria, if she will be freed from tyranny and terror. Apparently, Russia was influenced by American missile strikes, which I fully supported. However, Putin isn’t a fool, and in any event shall not less than all the other want peace in Syria. Accordingly, he has apparently now persuaded trump to support his initiative, without a doubt, achieving in exchange for the implementation of the peace plan of the abolition of paralyzing the Russian economy sanctions.

Putin proposes to start the creation of four safe zones in Idlib province, in the Northern suburbs of HOMS, Eastern ghouta and in the South of Syria. All these regions suffered greatly from the barrel bombs the Syrian regime, Russian air strikes, chemical weapons, attacks on hospitals. Peace in any form would be welcome there.
I’m most familiar with the situation in the province Idlib located in the Northwest of Syria. There is the town of Khan Shaykhun, April 4, became victim to the deadly chemical attack. In the refugee camps in Idlib live in poverty and despair, about 500 000 people. Meanwhile, many NGOs located right across the border, in Turkey, could provide supplies to the refugees food, water and electricity, and the camp could be expanded.

The necessary basic requirements for humanitarian zones, security and safety. The Syrian air force will have to cease its operations — which is likely dominated by Putin. Security Iglinskiy zone will be able to support vehicles with radars and missiles stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean.
I guess we will have to accept the presence of Russian and Iranian soldiers, able to provide security; and since they are already present in Syria, they can accelerate the arrival of peace. However, in the name of the control, this should be done under the auspices of the United Nations, in accordance with the rules of engagement and behaviour of the UN. The approach should be flexible and accurate, and the leading role should belong to those who is the most experienced in operations of this kind. Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) has proposed to use this as British troops. I would also be considered preferable to a situation where the majority of the forces will be West. The force will have to ensure the delivery of aid and reconstruction, which will create suitable conditions for the unfolding of the Geneva process.

No one doubts that there are many difficulties. For a long time these measures will require the full support and full endorsement from Turkey, Russia, Iran, USA, Britain and the UN. In this fight involved a few dogs, but America is the biggest of them and I hope that she barks louder than the others. Success will require significant resources, but it is still less than would be required for resettlement anywhere from 5 to 12 million Syrians in the case of the final destruction of that unfortunate country.

I hate to support Putin — especially after his forces have bombed hospitals of our Union organizations, medical and humanitarian aid, killing our employees. However, I was urged to create safe zones, starting from his first arrival in Syria in 2013, and will continue to do so for the sake of Syria. However, I, like many others, continue to gather evidence that those who are guilty of numerous atrocities perpetrated in the country, once said before the International criminal court.