Why in the morning, headache: the TOP 7 main reasons

Headache is always some reason and can’t just appear. It concerns and morning pains which often become permanent and terribly bored. Meanwhile, they can be avoided, if the time to deal with the cause, writes medobzor.in.ua.

You have not slept

Your body needs 7-8 hours that it worked fine. If you sleep less, the body falls into a panic mode. In the body begin to release hormones that increase heartbeat, blood pressure and stress levels. It can all cause headaches.

You slept too much

To sleep more than 10 hours after a 3-day sleep deprivation is a very bad idea. Prolonged sleep reduces the level of the hormone serotonin (the”happiness hormone”). A low level of this hormone reduces blood flow. This, in turn, provokes a headache.

Were you drinking last night

To the morning you headaches, don’t need to get drunk. Need only one or two drinks and alcohol will do the trick. The body is dehydrated, blood pressure falls and headache.

You snore

Snoring can be a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep. Very aggressive snoring can indicate serious health problems, including apnea.

Experts are not sure exactly how snoring causes headaches. But most likely, a lack of oxygen to brain dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow and increases pressure in the brain.

You didn’t drink coffee

Caffeine is a kind of drug, which stimulates our nervous system. So if you regularly drink coffee, and one morning you skip this step, it may cause headache. That is, morning headaches also can occur when you try to stop drinking coffee.

You have depression

Headaches caused by depression, can occur at any time of the day. All because during the depression in humans, reduced levels of the hormone serotonin. Besides, the person can absolutely not stick to a daily routine and or too much sleep, or not sleep at all.

You have high blood pressure

If your blood pressure exceeds 140/90, the more blood presses on the brain. This provokes headaches. Most people who have high blood pressure, do not even know it until the symptoms become unbearable well. If you have regular headaches, you may want to go to the doctor.