How to avoid late-night snacking

Night snacking is never going to benefit the human figure and its future well-being.

However, when dinner is early, it is impossible to resist not to open the refrigerator door, writes the Internet-the edition

Nutritionists told me how to feel no hunger after dinner and stay fed, if eaten half an hour ago.

Eat protein for dinner

Make your party menu with foods that left a feeling of satiety.

The ideal dinner is vegetables and meat (or fish). And remember, dinner should be two hours before bedtime.

Drink water

If the right to dine you could not, and you feel hungry, drink two glasses of water in one gulp. This will help you somewhat forget about the hunger till morning. However, it is not necessary to use this technique if you are prone to swelling.


Organize formal training. Experts claim that if a good workout, fatigue will overcome hunger.

In this case, the ideal dinner for you can also be a protein shake.

Drink kefir

When the water does not help, and sports training there is no power – drink kefir. It satisfies hunger and nourishes the body temporarily. And at the same time, this product is absolutely safe for the figure.