Today in Ukraine canceled printing for business

Today, July 19, comes into force the law №1982-VIII, which cancels mandatory use for business seals on documents.

From legislation eliminating the mandatory use of seals (regardless of the availability of entities), the possibility of recognition of document (agreements, agreements) null and void (not concluded, imperfect) in the absence of the seal. A copy of the document is certified if the copy bear the signature of the authorized person of the entity or signature of an individual entrepreneur.

Print will remain mandatory for documents issued by the bodies of state power (except for extracts from electronic registries), notaries, doctors. But entrepreneurs may not seal as agreement, and the documents submitted to state agencies — referrals and reporting.

In addition, the law establishes administrative liability for extortion by a public body or local authority of the presence of the seal on the official document – the fines will amount to UAH 800 -1700.

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According to the calculations of the authorities, thanks to this law, Ukraine will rise by a few points in the Doing Business rating.

We will remind, the President approved the abolition of mandatory use of seals in April.