Why women cheat: psychiatrist

American psychiatrist Daniel Amen told why women tend to cheat yourself. He came to the conclusion that the female brain is much more active than men’s, writes “New time” with reference to the New York Post.

First and foremost this applies to the cortex, which is directly connected with the lobes of the brain responsible for emotions and takes part in impulse control. In turn, the men say more active that part of the brain that is responsible for the coordination and visual perception.

The study psychiatrist reviewed the work of the brain more than a hundred volunteers to understand what areas and under what conditions was more active. The volunteers were asked to perform various tasks, while the scientists measured blood flow to the brain using computed tomography.


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According to the scientist, in women there is a significant tide of blood to the prefrontal region of the cerebral cortex in contrast to men. This may explain why women have more developed intuition, empathy and self-control. Also, significant congestion was observed to the limbic system, which explains why women are more prone to anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Thus, the scientist believes, women are often wound up or exaggerating the events because of their brain function, which is provided by nature.
“This study is very important for a deeper understanding of the difference between men and women,” notes Amen.