Mohammed bin Salman is the architect of the modern politics of the Kingdom and leader of the regional coalitions

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the architect of modern politics in the Kingdom and the leader of the regional coalitions, the star which shone immediately after the occupation of the leading posts in the state, was named the new heir to the throne. That he decided to transfer in the future the reins of the current king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

Mohammed bin Salman received his secondary education in Saudi Arabia, placed in the top ten graduates in exams. From the beginning he loved to succeed, so he graduated from the faculty of law in King Saud University, taking second place in the General University rating.

Activities and achievements


At the beginning of his political career, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has held several positions in the Saudi government. So, in April 2007 he was appointed Advisor to the Advisory Board for the government.

In December 2009 he was appointed special adviser to his father, at that time Governor of Riyadh, but continued to work as an adviser in the expert Committee.

In addition, he held the post of Secretary General of the competitiveness center in Riyadh, the special adviser to the Executive Board of the name of king Abdel Aziz, and also worked as a member of the Supreme Executive Committee of ed-Dirii.

In early 2013, Mohammed bin Salman, was appointed as special adviser and head of the office for the Affairs of the crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense of Saudi Arabia and the appointment of his father, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, heir to the throne.

In March 2013, was published the Royal decree about its appointment to the post of chief of staff of the crown Prince and his special adviser with the rank of Minister.

In July 2013, in addition to the above positions he took up the post of chief of staff to the Minister of defence Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziza.

In April 2014, was issued a Royal decree appointing Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the post of Minister of state, member of the government.

When in the beginning of 2015 king Salman came to power, he made the decision to appoint son as Minister of defense, issued a decree on his appointment as head of the Royal court, and also chose him as his special adviser. In addition, Mohammed bin Salman headed the Council for economic development.

In April of the same year, the Saudi king has ordered to elect the Prince as a second turn heir to the throne. In addition to the post of Minister of defense Mohammed bin Salman was appointed second Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council on economic Affairs and development.

The commanders of the alliances and engineer vision

After his appointment to head the defence Ministry and election as second heir to the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been actively working on the formation of strong international alliances through which Saudi Arabia would be able to maintain stability in the region and around it. The first such Alliance was headed by the Kingdom coalition, whose aim was the return of legitimacy to the former authorities in Yemen.


© RIA Novosti, Sergey Guneev | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Deputy crown Prince, second Deputy Prime Minister and defense Minister of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud during a meeting. 30 may 2017

Also, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was the leader of the Islamic coalition. He worked on its development for a long time to eventually create an Islamic force capable of deterring any aggression.

In addition, Prince has regularly travelled around the world. In the spirit of Shuttle diplomacy, he has visited China, Japan, Russia, the United States and several other countries look for allies and political solutions to the many problems of the region.

Finally, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was actively involved in reforms within Saudi Arabia within the framework of the integrated programme “Vision 2030”, the implementation of which involved all government ministries. Her goal is to find ways of economic development of Saudi Arabia, implying a decrease in the level of dependence of the economy on oil resources.